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Five Funny Looking Bikinis

Things to avoid; Funny looking bikinis. Sure, you will get a laugh (and some of them are a tech marvel), but do you really want to be the face that gets that bikini all over the internet?

Plus try to avoid having an accident in your new bikini...

How to Make your own Bikini

SUSTAINABLE FASHION - One of the great things about bikinis is that they take very little fabric to make.

Which means they also make great targets for creating sustainable fashion using recycled clothing.

There is also no shortage of "make your own bikini" videos on YouTube, so you can basically pick and choose what method and style of bikini you want. Or just design your own. Its not that difficult.

You can even KNIT your own bikini!

If you already know how to knit then you will also know just how ridiculously easy it is to knit a scarf or socks. Knitting a bikini is just as easy.

So if you know how to sew or knit then why would you ever PAY for a bikini? It just makes more sense both economically and on a creative level to have fun designing and making your own.

Can't wait for Summer Bikinis!

Here is some fun photos of bikinis I found while anxiously waiting for the snow to melt...

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