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Malignant Mole Bikini

Anymore you can’t even mention tanning without someone jumping down your throat and preaching about all the hazards of the sun. I think secretly the whole thing was cooked up by geeks who hate to go outside (it’s a conspiracy). Well this Malignant Mole Bikini is just another way to take a stand about the issue.

I’m pretty sure this is the creepiest bikini I have ever seen, but it does make a valid point about sun damage. It was created by Fiona Carswell and it only reacts when exposed to UV light. Which means as long as you wear it inside, no funky brown moles for you.

Unfortunately it’s not quite high tech enough to know that you put on sun block. Even if you are smart about being in the sun, it makes you feel a bit guilty anyway. I just hope she doesn’t create a herpes condom or crabs underwear, I’m pretty sure that is the only thing that could possibly rival this bikini.

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