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Boycotting all clothes made by Peter Nygard

FASHION - Hello fellow bikini fanatics!

When shopping for bikinis or any other clothes this summer please remember to boycott all clothing made by Peter Nygard.


#1. Peter Nygard is a fashion executive who runs his company like a mini dictatorship. He believes he is "God" and has temper tantrums when people don't do what he tells them to do.

#2. Peter Nygard sues any news agency that says anything bad about him. Very few newspapers or television news companies will say anything about his illegal misdoings because they're afraid of lawsuits and legal intimidation.

#3. Peter Nygard has a slew of people working for him hired especially for maintaining his good reputation. They routinely harass bloggers for saying anything bad about him.

#4. Peter Nygard is 67-years-old and likes having sex with 16-year-old girls. One such girl from the Dominican Republic has since gone missing. She might even be dead. Lawyers for Peter Nygard claim the girl is alive and well and that Peter Nygard treated her well and was a "perfect gentleman". Why would they bother to say that unless they were hiding something?

#5. Peter Nygard's company, Nygard International, has sweatshops overseas. One of the sweatshops in Jordan makes pants for his company and has 1,200 SLAVES trapped inside and not allowed to leave. If they do sloppy work they are beaten and raped. The women were smuggled into Jordan from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The factory workers then stole their passports and kept them prisoners there.

#6. Peter Nygard is currently suing the Fifth Estate documentary company in Canada because they were the only company with the GUTS to stand up to him.


UPDATE! THE OLD BOYCOTT PAGE WAS DELETED NO THANKS TO NYGARD'S LAWYERS: Please join the new group at Boycott Nygard's Brands

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