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Pregnant beer babes in Bikinis

Brazilian beer company, Nova Schin, introduced a non-alcoholic beer, and their management actually approved of an ad campaign featuring pregnant women, dressed in bikinis and daisy dukes. More pics here.

Supposedly, all these ads are photoshopped pregnancies because'd have to seriously have no shame whatsoever to pose for this if you were really pregnant, and 2. how do you go about casting for pregnant hotties for a beer ad without looking like complete scum.

In the season opener of CSI:NY, one of the "suspects" in the death of a businessman was a pregnant stripper. I am kidding you not. On stage with her pole was the bump-and-grind belly. Below is the video clip.

Another mention, here's a pic of a family sports car ad with a pregnant mom in a couture one-piece swim suit and heels looking like a hood ornament.

This stuff honestly makes me want to vomit, and then go and pummel some ass-anine executive who actually gave a thumbs up on this stuff. Yes, I'm all for showing that pregnant women can still be sexy during their pregnancy but this ABSOLUTELY not the way to do it. This stuff is highly exploitive. For CSI:NY, they didn't have to show us the pregnant stripper actually on stage. They could have just visited her backstage in the dressing room. We would have gotten the point.

Am I the only one who is nauseated by seeing pregnant beer babes and strippers?

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