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Bikini Paradise - The Movie?

No, this blog isn't that popular that its being made into a movie... but it was already a movie, back in 1967.

Bikini Paradise was a 1967 comedy about two U.S. naval officers marooned on a "virgin island" populated only by women... scantily clad in bikinis of course.

Two U.S. Naval officers, Lt. Fraser and Lt. Crane, are sent to a remote South Pacific island to look for an American teacher, named Miss Harriet Pembroke, whom has gone missing for 20 years. They are captured by an all woman tribe whom are led by Miss Pembroke who has gone native. When the two men learn they are to be forced into marriage for mating purposes, they try to escape with the help from their two sympathetic wives-to-be Rachel and Maya.

Which is quite silly actually. Unless they are gay every man I've ever met would risk their lives to be stuck on an island with sex-starved bikini clad goddesses... not risk their lives to get away with it.

Bikini Paradise wasn't the only "bikini" movie of 1967. There was also "It's a Bikini World"

Obviously men back in 1967 were pretty obsessed with bikinis.

They still are today.

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