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Forget Teeny Weeny Bikinis This Summer!

It's official, British women's boobs are growing to new proportions. Tica London, the city's most central swimwear boutique, has seen a rapid growth of sales in larger sizes over the past 12 months. And to cater for demand, directors Jenny Powles and Emma McLaughlin are in talks with their Brazilian suppliers to find out if they can manufacture larger sizes.

“We have quite literally been selling out of our larger D-Cup and DD-Cup bikini sizes nearly as soon as we've un-packed our deliveries” says Emma McLaughlin. “We’re constantly asked for larger bikini tops but with small bottoms – something we fortunately don't have too much of a problem with owing to the fact that our South American styles are often a little slimmer on the hips”.

Jenny Powles adds “We can't work out if British women are actually larger than their traditionally curvaceous South American counterparts or if this phenomenon is due to the increase in plastic surgery procedures or just because British women quite simply like to be a bit more covered up”.

Tica London already offers 'export' sizes of the famously small Brazilian bikinis to cater for the European market. “Our size small bikini is actually equivalent to a large in Brazil” says Emma “European women are a little more shy than the South Americans and tend to prefer a little more coverage from their bathing suits”.

Whatever the reason, it's all good news for British men who will be getting quite an eye-full with all this hot weather!

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