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Designer Swimwear in the Winter???

CANADA/FASHION - If you live in Canada or some equally northern country the idea of going swimming in the Winter may sound really ridiculous. ie. Check out our older post about Bikini Skiers.

But lets pretend for a moment that you belong to a gym with a pool... or you have a YMCA membership, who also have pools. Well then, suddenly the idea of wearing designer swimwear in the Winter does not sound so bad... especially if there a cute swim instructor or life guard.

Or maybe you like going to spas where you can luxuriate, or even Women's Retreats in Mexico... Regardless of how and why, its always possible you will be on the lookout for quality swimwear, even though its cold and wintry outside.

Or maybe its BECAUSE its cold outside that you go looking for designer swimwear and a warm place to wear it. ie. Cuba is always nice.

Or maybe you are a supermodel like Devon Owens (see photo on the right) or Adriana Lima. I mention Devon Owens because I like her nose. Its bizarrely cute.

After all its not like the rest of us wear bikinis socially... unless of course we are going to beauty pageants all the time, or perhaps attending beauty school. Note: People often misinterpret what beauty schools actually teach. They do not actually teach people how to be beautiful. What they really teach is cosmetology, the use of cosmetic make-up, hair styling, skin treatments, manicures/pedicures, etc. Its really the safe non-hazardous alternative to liposuction and breast implants.

Anywho, my point is that it is NOT a fashion crime to wear a bikini or other forms of swimwear of the winter. ie. A person could go skiing in their bikini if they were quite daring and then hop in the hot tub soon after.

There are lots of other fashion crimes out there that people can break. Wearing swimwear in the winter is not one of them. Now if you were an ERP software developer and a bit clueless when it comes to fashion maybe you would not even care... you know, the type of person who can watch Big Bang Theory and gets every one of the jokes. Or worse, maybe if you were the type of person who plays Dungeons and Dragons... and therefore is so completely beyond hope.

Although I must admit fantasy artists do include quite a few chainmail bikinis in the artwork... but you realize, that stuff cannot be making very good armour.

(I am not certain what the point of the graphic on the right is about, I just thought it was interesting. Apparently it has something to do with avalanches and windchill effects. The colder and windier it is the less likely there will be avalanches.)

Just like bikinis are not very good at keeping you warm. I recommend wearing a hat, a scarf and some gloves while wearing a bikini outside.

Oh oh oh! I just thought of another way someone might wear a bikini in the winter. Figure skating. Seriously. Those girls must be freezing their assets off.

Oh... and I should mention Winter is actually the best time of year to do two things: #1. Exercise, because you use more energy in the winter as your body tries to stay warm. #2. Go shopping for bikinis. Its the off season so you can get some nice prices.

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