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Indonesia Allows Bikinis

FASHION/POLITICS - After months of discussions, Indonesian lawmakers have agreed that bikinis are acceptable attire for beaches in the world's most populous Muslim country. Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim nation, with Muslims making up some 86.1 percent of the 235 million population.

"Tourists will be able to wear bikinis in special tourist areas, such as in Bali, so Indonesia's tourism industry won't be hurt by this legislation," Democrat Party lawmaker Husein Abdul Azis told Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Friday, October 17.

"We are listening to the protests of stakeholders and people at large," he added, referring to fears the tourism industry would suffer if bikinis were criminalized.

Bikinis were to be criminalized under a new a pornography bill, being debated by the parliament. But politicians and tourism entrepreneurs have warned that the bill would undermine the country's tourism industry.

Indonesia has declared 2008 "Visit Indonesia Year" and hopes to attract seven million visitors, earning 6.7 billion dollars in foreign exchange revenues.

Proposed in 1999, the bill defines porn as sexual material that includes photographs, cartoons, films, poems, vocalization, conversations and body gestures in the media, or in public shows, exhibits or performances.

It calls for criminalizing those who arouse sexual propensity, desires or longings or contravene community ethics, decency or morality. The bill also imposes fines on women who refuse to cover "sensitive" body parts, such as hair, shoulders, midriffs and legs.

It also slaps a seven-year jail term on people caught kissing in public. The porn bill will treat recreational and leisure areas differently.

No word yet on whether Ms Indonesia will also be banned from wearing a bikini.

Paris Hilton strips to her bikini in fake election bid

POLITICS - Socialite and party-girl Paris Hilton has stripped down to a silver stars-and-stripes inspired bikini as part of her mock election campaign for the United States presidency.

The celebrity heiress, who has released two humourous videos and a music video as part of her campaign, has now posed in a US presidential election-inspired photo shoot. It features Hilton's "Secret Service Dudes," and in it she talks about creating a new department for fashion police, being good at sipping a martini and being the best "Commander in Bikini".

Paris For President Lyrics by Paris Hilton

Paris for president,
At the Palms chillin’ with the martini.

Paris for president,
Your commander in bikini.

When they tell you ’bout my policies
To stop the player-hating on the USA,
Incentivize nuclear non-proliferation and ratify Kyoto today.
You can ride in the motorcade…
in the hybrid, pink Escalade!

Paris for president,
Not another oldie cliche.

Paris for president,
you can get married if you’re straight or if you’re gay.

If you’re gonna put lipstick on a pig, make sure that shit it matches her skin tone.
you can trust me with my finger on the button,
“Nucular” is a vocabulary don’t.
Trading in the cabinet for a walk….in….closet…hey!

Paris for president,
America should put me in charge.

Paris for president,
look at Bush it cant be that hard

Simon Cowell, he might be a little mean,
but when his oldest kicks the bucket
I’ll put him on the court supreme
Then I’ll paint the white house pink
and move Camp David to Maui…

Paris for president,
A proponent of clean energy.

Paris for president,
The real maverick in D.C.

Water boarding is torture and,
global warming is totally not hot.
I’ll make a department called the Fashion Police
and boost the economy with all of the new jobs.
Make over Lady Liberty…in Donna, Tommy, and Calvin Klein.

Paris for president,
Get your cute little butt out there and vote.

Paris for president,
Dispensing beauty tips and hope.

Paris for president, hey!
Paris for president, hey!
Paris for president, hey!

I’m Paris Hilton and I approve this message.

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