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Getting Fit: Bikini Body Countdown


How it works Do this all-over sculpting plan, designed by trainer and Shape contributing editor Lisa Wheeler, two or three times a week. You'll need a stability ball and a small 5- to 10-pound weighted ball. Warm up with at least five minutes of easy cardio (add more, if you'd like, to increase the calorie burn), then do one set of each move in order. Follow each exercise with the designated cardio "burst." Go through the moves two or three times total. Add up to 30 seconds of rest between circuits if needed.


How it works Five or six times a week, do one of these routines (or choose from one of the cardio workouts from previous months). Pick any activity you like. This month, the weight workout can function as a cardio routine too, so if you're strapped for time one day, just do the weight workout. Take a day off each week to recover.

Calorie maximizerDo an hour of moderate-intensity cardio, whether it's a hike, a brisk walk, your favorite indoor cycling class or kickboxing. Once a week, try to go on a long (two hours or more) hike or walk.

Gradual intervals
0-5 minutes Warm up at an easy pace (you can easily chat)
5-10 Maintain a moderate pace (you're breathing more heavily than normal but are still able to maintain a conversation).
10-12 Increase the incline and or resistance over the 2-minute period until the last 30 to 45 seconds are very hard (you can't say more than a word or two between breaths).
12-14 Recover at an easy to moderate intensity.
14-30 Repeat minutes 10-14 four times.
30-35 Gradually slow your pace to an easy intensity to cool down.

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