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‘My bikinis are the USP of my film’

Celina Jaitley in a sizzling hot interview, as she talks about the steamy kisses and her steamier bikinis in ‘Jawani Diwani’

You have worn a bikini in your debut film, ‘Janasheen’. How is it different now?
I feel me wearing a bikini in ‘Jawani Diwani’ has more to do with the theme of the film, than my debut film. I play this Christian girl who is always close to the beach.

We have worked a lot on the designs of the bikini and have kind of revolutionised bikini wearing in Bollywood. We have worked out certain colours like magenta, green, black and red which were never used on screen before for a bikini. We have also designed certain double layered bikinis. I can say my bikinis are the USP of the film.

You are not very modest, are you?
I have realised that being modest never helps. So I have to talk about it.

What about the steamy kisses in the film?
The film talks about the sexual chemistry between a man and a woman. So there are bound to be plenty of steamy scenes. I still remember for my first shot, I drank 25 glasses of water because I was really nervous. I watched at least six Hollywood films to know how to get my moves right. But in the end, they have come out really well. I didn’t want to look vulgar and they haven’t.

Are the kisses deeper than a normal Bollywood kiss?
Oh, much deeper than that (laughs coyly).

Tanissha invited a lot of wrath for her clothes in ‘Neal and Nikki’. Do you expect that kind of a reaction?

We are an evolving society. I am so glad that kisses are allowed on screen because that is a brilliant thing to do. Whenever there is attraction between a man and a woman, the best way to display it is through a kiss. It is happening all around us. We cannot deny it. There is going to be a lot of shock value. But I don’t really care. I am doing my job perfectly well.

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