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Firefighter In Bikini Gets Arrested

A volunteer firefighter from Ohio has been charged with drunk driving as well as public indecency and disorderly conduct for wearing a bikini to a bar.

The man, Steven Cole, is 46-years-old and a volunteer firefighter. he was on his way to a bar to perform as a woman in a contest. The contest was reportedly paying out $12,500 to the winner. he was dressed in a tight little string bikini and a woman’s wig. He also had water balloons to fill up his chest area for the delight, or sickness, of those seeing him.

He had a blood-alcohol content of 0.174 when arrested and had no comment on the matter.

He pleaded guilty to all counts as his lawyer stated that he is “obviously humiliated and embarrassed.” I would love to see the reception he gets when he goes back to the firehouse.

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