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New Lara Croft model: Same boobalicious video heroine

One of the places where women are rampantly portrayed as objects, hoes, sluts, and bimbos is video games. I worked in the video game industry for a few years, and was constantly appauld by the way video game designers constantly "Hoed up" the female characters. In almost every video game, you will find a shower scene, bikini bounce, and outfits that would make Paris Hilton look virtuous. It surprises me that more women's groups and crusaders are not all over the video industry like rap on P. Diddy.

Lara Croft is one of the very few lead characters in mainstream video gaming, and we all know her now because of Angelina Jolie. Lara kills bad guys, goes on exciting adventures, and is a fiercely powerful female force. However, the emphasis on her bodacious looks is always clear.

Lara's got bountiful size D boobs, which is just not practical when you're swinging from vines in the jungle, she looks like a goddess born out of perfection, and you almost NEVER see her fully clothed. Even when everyone else is in a scuba suit, Lara will be in a bikini. And, the real life models, like newly crowned "Lara" Karima Adebibe (more pics), are of course Amazonian, skinny, big-hootered, and have perfect highlights & skin, just like every proper fantasy woman should be even if she is saving the world from bad guys.

Pregnant beer babes in Bikinis

Brazilian beer company, Nova Schin, introduced a non-alcoholic beer, and their management actually approved of an ad campaign featuring pregnant women, dressed in bikinis and daisy dukes. More pics here.

Supposedly, all these ads are photoshopped pregnancies because'd have to seriously have no shame whatsoever to pose for this if you were really pregnant, and 2. how do you go about casting for pregnant hotties for a beer ad without looking like complete scum.

In the season opener of CSI:NY, one of the "suspects" in the death of a businessman was a pregnant stripper. I am kidding you not. On stage with her pole was the bump-and-grind belly. Below is the video clip.

Another mention, here's a pic of a family sports car ad with a pregnant mom in a couture one-piece swim suit and heels looking like a hood ornament.

This stuff honestly makes me want to vomit, and then go and pummel some ass-anine executive who actually gave a thumbs up on this stuff. Yes, I'm all for showing that pregnant women can still be sexy during their pregnancy but this ABSOLUTELY not the way to do it. This stuff is highly exploitive. For CSI:NY, they didn't have to show us the pregnant stripper actually on stage. They could have just visited her backstage in the dressing room. We would have gotten the point.

Am I the only one who is nauseated by seeing pregnant beer babes and strippers?

Children Used to Market Adult Bikinis: Disturbing


For Los Angeles Fashion Week, swimsuit designer Ashley Paige had a model in a bikini who looked about 10 years old. She was the only child in the group, and appeared with adult models who were in bikinis themselves. Most obviously, this did not go over well.

The Hollywood-based Ashley Paige says of her designs: "I think the women who like my stuff...exude sexuality."

This was not a showcase of clothes for kids. This is a little girl prancing around a runway with flashing bulbs in a string bikini along side adult women exuding sexuality. What on earth was Ms. Paige thinking?

The source of this post is the Daily Mail from the UK, and what is interesting to me is the 28 comments from the readers on this particular article. While most agreed that the bikini clad girl was tasteless, there was a notable amount of comments that essentially said, "What's the big deal? Little girls wear bikinis on the beach all the time."

The bigger issue is why can't kids just be kids as long as they can. There is something very inappropriate about girls in 3rd/4th grade in bikinis on runways. Why are we stripping little girls of their innocence so young when they will have decades to wear makeup, high heels, and skimpy clothes? This is exactly how beauty and body isues start.

Oprah: Kirstie Alley beyond the bikini

So everyone knows that Kirstie Alley pranced on Oprah's stage yesterday to keep her promise of showing off her slimmer body in a bikini. Kirstie lost 75 pounds from a high of 220. The video broke out online early in the day before the Oprah episode aired here in the Bay Area. I wanted to see the show before I made any comment on the video, and I'm glad I did.

Kirstieoprah_1 In the video clip, all you saw was the first 30 seconds or so of Kirstie's unveiling. Many of the comments on the other blogs/sites where the video was posted early were mostly positive, but there were a good deal that were negative. The message behind the bikini prance was much deeper than to say, "Hey don't I look hot now." It was about giving some courage and relief to other women about their bodies because we are so obssessed about tying our value and esteem to the way we look.

If we don't fit a mold or are not perfect, many of us feel we have no right to be so bold as to celebrate our selves as the beautiful women we all are. Kirstie is no Giselle but she is also not 220 pounds anymore. Dropping 75 pounds is a big accomplishment, and more importantly Kirstie is using her experience to help encourage others.

Kirstie made this appearance on Oprah not as a publicity stunt but as a way to show other women, "Hey you are good enough!" From the Oprah website show summary:

"At age 55, Kirstie now feels comfortable in her own skin. "I don't think women ever feel like we're good enough," she says. "We don't feel like we're thin enough or pretty enough or smart enough or work hard enough … We all are good enough and we look good enough and we are not our bodies, you know?"

Bravo! Following Kirstie's story there were follow ups on other guests including a 22 year-old young lady who lost 170 pounds and looked so amazingly happy, two girls who survived the Rwandan genocide and were reunited with their parents almost a decade later, and another woman who worked at Starbucks and somehow supported 10 children and her own mother. With Oprah's help she has a new house, and college money for each one of the kids. Bono's Product (RED) endeavor has already raised $15 million. Buy (RED) this holiday.

The whole Oprah episode was incredibly uplifting, and I'm very glad I stay tuned to watch the whole thing. It's awesome to watch something on TV and walk away feeling good.

Walking downtown in a bikini in the middle of cold & flu season

This is a Japanese ad for Jet Star, a Qantas airline brand. Now, the idea of going to Maui when it's Winter sounds like a really delicious idea, but I don't know many women, well any actually, who would be caught dead walking around downtown in a bikini when it's 30 degrees or even 90 degrees. Me thinks, the by standers are not looking in awe but in "WTF?" Silly marketers.

Will posing in an online "Hottie Girl" contest hurt a college girl's future?

If you're a college Coed and are thinking about entering a "Hottie Girl" type online contest for the potential to win cash prizes to pay off your student loans, you might want to think twice. In the SFGate, there is a story asking if photos of online beauty contests can hurt a college woman's future.

For example, the site College Humor has this popular hottie contest called, "America's Hottest College Girl 2007" where girls are matched up against each other each day, and the voting public gets to vote who climbs the ladder until we get a winner. For each girl there are even profile details where they ask things like, "What are the beat and worst pick up lines? and Have you ever made a guy cry?" Yeah, it's deep stuff.

Most, not all, of the girls are dressed in a bikini, swimsuit, or some kind of tightly clingy ensemble showing loads of skin. No nudity is allowed but you can pose in your best Maxim or FHM pose which mind you is locker pinup material. Because this contest is online, these pictures will stay around forevah!

Will the fact that you entered or participated in a hottie or beauty contest hurt your future? I say it depends on what kind of contest it is, what kind of pictures you are posing in, and what do you want to do in your future? If you want to be a Paris Hilton or Jenna Jameson when you grow up, that is one thing, but if you want to be a in a future position that requires the utmost level of respectability and honor like being a Chief Justice, school teacher, or even a potential Miss USA, then I would seriously, seriously sit down and think about what kind of risk you're willing to bear for the sake of having some fun and popularity in some skin baring hottness tournament.

* Are you going to be proud of being in this contest and having your parents, future husband and children see you nearly naked posing seductively for millions of oogling hormonal males?

* Picture yourself 10 years from now, jockeying for a Vice-President or Partner position at the Firm, and they throw on the desk the pictures of you in that wet t-shirt contest you entered when you were a college sophomore. Will you be prepared to handle the jokes and the taunting from co-workers who are trying to bring you down because people get really mean when competing at work?

* Think of two people you highly respect and regard, and picture yourself telling them about this contest you want to enter and show them the pictures you want to submit. Will they support your decision or not?

The lessons in being young is doing stupid crazy things we think we can. But now, we live in a digital age where pictures, videos, and voice recordings can live on forever, and are accessible to anyone once it hits the Internet. I'm not saying you can't go do wild and crazy things. Just take a moment to think. If you think that you don't care, really, you just might later on.

The Tits of Destiny: Wrestling and Bikinis

Wrestling companies have often promoted their top stars based on, of all things, a body part. It's not really that difficult to see why; the sport involves man-to-man combat and requires a wealth of knowledge about the human body (theoretically). Plenty of performers have made a few bucks over the years capitalizing on their bodies to get over. Would could ever forget such menacing extremities as Lex Luger's bionic forearm, which took Lex's tendency to string eight clotheslines together and put it to good use? How about the Hulkster's big leg, which still stands as the most ridiculous finisher to ever end WrestleMania (even in competition with that one chair shot Vince gave the Rock in 2000) but was still legit to the crowd because of the move's booking. And of course there's the People's Elbow, which looks like it hurts about as much as a somewhat forceful shove but still helped Rocky mega-over and spawned the Worm and the Five-Knuckle Shuffle. To be certain, the anatomy is ripe for picking in the wrestling world, but one fixture (well, fixtures) has shaped more individual careers than the lot of them. You guessed it, boobs!

At the time of this writing, Melina Perez holds the WWE Women's Championship, a title she won after about a handful of TV wrestling matches. Her opponent this past month at WM23, as we all know, was Ashley Massaro, the second winner of the Raw Diva Search. Ashley's run at the title (un-coinciding with her Playboy debut) was granted after only a handful of matches and exactly no big-time angles not directly involving Trish Stratus. This represents a common trend of "the breast is mightier than the hammerlock" mindset in WWE and in wrestling as a whole.

Now of course, the title hasn't always been held and defended by non-wrestlers. Mickie James, a well regarded performer by all kinds of fans, is scheduled to fight Melina for the championship this month at Backlash in fact. But WWE clearly sees its top female draws as the ones who can give them the kind of outside coverage a Playboy spread brings. If they can do some wrestling moves while they're at it, awesome. And one event, at the height of the Attitude era, kicked this thought process into high gear. It was the PPV production of Fully Loaded 1998 in Fresno, and it featured the all-time greatest mark out moment for thirteen-year-old boys everywhere. It's star: the one and only Sable…and her huge ta-ta's.

For the majority of the ‘90s, women in wrestling were cast in largely traditional roles. They were either valets for male superstars or wrestlers in their own right. Female stars like Sherri Martel, the Fabulous Moolah, Miss Elizabeth and Madusa were known to fans all over, either for their superior skills in the ring, their uncanny ability to draw the right kind of heat, or both. Sure these women were beautiful, but the reason they connected with the fans was because of their ferocity or their grace or their sheer will to win.

But along with most everything else in the business, the onset of "Attitude" changed all of that. Granted the ball was already rolling with people like Sunny and the Nitro Girls running around, but 1998 tore the door wide open for the female angles we've come to expect. The increased focus on the adult male demographic (who generally condone women removing their clothes) quickened the pace of change in how women were being presented on TV. Sable symbolized this change far more than any other woman did during this time.

After debuting as one of HHH's ladies in waiting at WMXII, the WWF paired Sable with real-life husband "Wildman" Marc Mero. After Mero was sidelined with an injury, Sable's increased exposure led to a sudden burst in popularity. When her husband returned as "Marvelous" Marc Mero later in the year, he was jealous of his valet and became a marvelous asshole. This turned into a very engaging feud between the two and made Sable into one of the hottest acts in wrestling.

Mero, in kayfabe response to Sable's rising status in the fans' eyes, did what any of us would do: went black. In June, the WWT brought in Jacqueline as an actual female foil and paired her with Mero. Their war, which started solely because of how hot Sable was, culminated not with a regular old wrestling match. Such a move just wasn't…attitudinal…enough. No, this confrontation required a booking tool that would become the showcase for the company's women: a bikini contest. Inspiring, I know.

To comment on the action at Fully Loaded would be foolish, since the entire segment consisted of one woman taking off a shirt to massive boos and one taking off a shirt to massive cheers. What is worth mentioning are the bikinis themselves, which defied laws of physics simply by staying on. Jackie stripped down first (to the surprise of no one) and revealed a red number that JUST BARELY covered her gargantuan jubblies. Unfortunately since Jackie was A) the heel, and B) unattractive, she and Mero were shat upon by the crowd. It was a good thing they weren't there to see Jackie.

When it finally came time for Sable to throw her tit in the hat, she removed the shirt and introduced the world to two hand prints painted ever-so-subtly right where logic would dictate they be painted. All she had on besides those was a simple bikini bottom. She was disqualified from the contest, most likely under the "can you swim in it" paradigm of bikini design, and Jackie was awarded the win. Now, regardless of whether or not that really qualifies as a bikini, it shocked the wrestling world and received a good deal of mainstream attention. Not to mention it gave teenage fans like me (at the time) a reason to repeatedly hit the pause button for years to come. That is, if you can block out a hormone-overloaded King from your screen as he becomes a man all over again right beside her.

Where have women's roles in wrestling gone from there? Well from an overall standpoint, it's hard to say. The Sable/Jackie feud did serve as a catalyst for the return of the women's title after four years of being defunct. This brought women's wrestling back to national television, which has to be considered a good thing. But taking the title out of it, think about how many female wrestlers have been made famous this decade as opposed to the "pretty" ones. With the sport's target audience, it's just easier to get a girl over on looks than on talent. Now put the title back into it, and think about how it's been booked since returning. Other than Trish/Lita, Trish/Victoria, Molly/Victoria, and Trish/Mickie, and can't remember a single women's feud that brought the goods in both the wrestling and booking departments…in almost ten years! Hell, Sable wasn't even a real wrestler but was booked at the top of the division anyway.

Before Fully Loaded, we didn't have a very good idea of Vince vision for the ladies of the company. The bikini contest between Sable and Jacqueline provided a template for that vision. Since then we've witnessed such masterpieces as the Lingerie Pillow Fight, the Paddle On a Pole match, and the coining of that ever-so-defining word: Diva. WWE even tried to recreate the Sable moment in the buildup to WM23 by having Ashley sport the same kind of "suit", just with Playboy bunnies instead of hands. Classier maybe, but as Vanilla Ice said, "It's not the same."

The ripple effect caused by events like Fully Loaded has created this strange code of behavior and acceptability involving the Divas. We've gotten to a point where it's okay for Lawler to act like a sixteen-year-old and shout "puppies" more often that he says the words "move", "hold" or "wrestling" combined. It's okay for fans to mercilessly boo the one girl who refuses to take off her clothes for millions of people's entertainment in what's basically a glorified livestock show. And it's okay for Vince McMahon to act out deep sexual fantasies on his television show with girls younger than his daughter, as if he were some roided up Cassa fucking Nova!

Now one can say that I'm being a tad hypocritical here; I've been using the same rhetoric and slang terms that everyone says makes women feel inferior throughout this entire column. But actions speak louder than words, and I would MUCH rather book someone like Mickie James to go for the title at WM than someone whose attributes can be removed effortlessly with a strong enough laser. When finding someone to blame for the unfortunate state of women's wrestling, feel free to look at Vince or the King or the bookers or the huge population of horny young guys in American. As for me, I'm placing the blame firmly on the shoulders of whoever the hell got to paint those hands in Fresno…lucky bastard.

It's simple: make the women's wrestling championship about the wrestling. Leave the boob-focus in the past, where it belongs.

Defining Summer fashion

WHAT defines summer fashion? Bikinis? Boardshorts? Sleeveless? Tube tops? Pastel colors? Sandals? Slip ons? Sundress? Hawaiian shirts? Whatever your choice is, just remember that summer fashion is all about comfort.

All of the above-mentioned summer-fashion symbols were donned by the various weekend warriors last April 21, when Iloilo's ultimate party place, Flow, threw its "Wet and Wild Summer" party.

It was nice to see the majority of the Ilonggo nocturnal creatures and habitués of Flow cooperating with the theme for the night as they came garbed in the summer fashion pieces of their respective choice.

A few daring Ilonggas came in their bikini tops, though some of those souls brought smiles of ridicule---rather than smiles of admiration---to the faces of men. I couldn't help being amused with comments I heard from the men as some of those ladies wearing bikini tops passed. "Wala na gid guro inugbakal drinks pre (Maybe, they have no money to buy drinks)," quipped one guy to a friend since Flow offered free drinks to women in such a getup. How mean---but funny.

The party turned out to be a really wild one, as usual, as Ilonggos unleashed their body heat with their moves and grooves. Plus, the presence of water guns provided by Flow made the event more riveting, and wet of course, as the nocturnal creatures tried to douse the temperature by shooting water at each other. How childlike, but undeniably fun.

Speaking of bikinis, I'd like to offer these tips to women who dare to wear this most popular summer fashion symbol for ladies. Maybe other party places or private parties may request you to come in bikini tops, full bikini gear or summer-wear this season. To avert harsh comments from the men, please try to observe these three suggestions.

1. Don't dare to be daring when you are uncomfortable. People might think you are being pimped or forced into prostitution.

2. In the April 9 issue of Wonder V Mandays, most of my respondents defined sexy in terms of attitude. You don't need to have those super sized bulges and evident curves to be considered as one. However ladies, don't be overconfident when wearing those bikinis with your chin up, especially when you have nothing to be proud of in terms of the physical. Men will definitely think you are nothing more than a trying hard.

3. Cover those flawed parts of your skin with foundation or concealer that matches your skin tone. Most party places are dark, I know. But you know, some men are so particular about good skin quality. Better yet, if you have blemishes or stretch marks, opt for other summer fashion outfits. Floral or sundresses are great. Don't be so engrossed in the idea that it's all attitude. The physical still matters, believe me.

Solar powered bikini to charge iPods!

London, Apr 23: A New York University student's curiosity to explore new ways of producing energy has resulted in a solar- powered bikini that can charge iPods.

Designer Andrew Schneider made the apparel by covering a black cloth with a line of panels and the piece, which can also be worn in water, has got the charger on the hip area.

But, the designer has asked users to keep in mind that though the garment can be worn in water, the apparel has to be dry before connecting it with an iPod.

"It can be worn in water but you'd have to let it dry completely before you plugged your iPod in," the Sun quoted the designer, as saying.

Schenider is now thinking of designing a pair of male beach shorts that can charge a beer cooler.

Swimming to liberty

The summer heat is upon us and many of you may have started swimming, the only sensible way to stay fit in this season.

And almost all of us women take the swimsuit/bikini that we wear to swim in for granted. But not so long ago women in “liberal” Europe had to wear clothes that covered their modesty and which were hazardous in water.

A new book out in the UK called The Swimsuit by Sarah Kennedy chronicles the way the swimsuit changed as women fought for their rights to what we wear, and take for granted, today.

Says Kennedy, “The bathing suit is a perfect barometer. No item of clothing has evolved as dramatically as the swimsuit.” What women in Europe and America in the 1800s and early 1900s wanted was a piece of clothing that did not hinder their enjoyment of swimming, and not clothes which looked like gowns with crinoline with hems weighed down so that the garment would not float up.

In the 1850s, as part of the rational dress movement promoted by Amelia Bloomer, an American, loose trousers worn under a shorter skirt were introduced. Initially this did not catch the fancy but later, after being popularised as bloomers, they were also used for swimming.

Actually the Greeks, according to evidence on mosaic walls, wore the modern equivalent of the bikini as far back as 300 BC. But Europe in the 1800s and early 1900s was cruel to its women.

Says Kennedy, “In Europe and America, women could be arrested for revealing too many inches of calf. Wardens patrolled beaches to ensure that local laws were being adhered to.”

The swimsuit has in recent times been pilloried as a garment that over-sexualises women’s bodies, note the instance of the effort by some adherents of Islam to create a swimsuit that covers women all over (also called burqini).

It represents what women fought for so hard and won; the right to decide what to wear, an important step in the feminist movement. In 1907, Australian sportswoman Annette Kellerman was arrested in Boston for indecent exposure: her crime was that she was wearing a one-piece swimsuit with no skirt or pants to cover her modesty.

It may be hard to believe in a world where spaghetti straps are normal, everyday wear that the bikini was first designed (some use the word invented) in 1946. But even after that it took Hollywood’s glamour to make it an acceptable garment to swim in.

Are swimsuits and bikinis, in light of all these facts, garments of liberation or costumes that have exposed women’s bodies to the point of exploitation? Did the women who fought so hard to be able to wear an appropriate garment for swimming ever envisage that one day that same fight would be turned on its head, to be able to wear a more conservative garment?

The answer lies, much like it did during the debate over the burqa, in whether the choice is being made by the woman. Women are at the receiving end of fashion’s fickle nature and even losing their ability to choose what they wear.

In some ways having to stick to any stereotype denotes a lack of choice. And that would be sad, for after having come a long way, women and fashion would take a big step backwards if any one style in swimwear is inflicted on us.

More power to both the bikini and the new Islamic swim suit. For in choice lies true fashion and empowerment.

How the Stars Get Bikini Ready

Brazilian trainer and author of The Brazilian Bikini Body Program, Regina Joseph, gives us the scoop.

Drew practices Pilates! Forget dieting! Drew Barrymore prefers to burn calories with a workout that includes Pilates, one of the most popular pastimes in Brazil. For a complete cardio session, fitness pro Joseph details a combo of core Pilates moves and capoeira (a Brazilian martial art that includes cartwheels, kicks and flips) in her book.

Cam eats early in the day! An always active Cameron Diaz gets going with a protein-packed breakfast of eggs and meat. "The beginning and middle of the day are when you need a big burst of energy," says Joseph. "In Brazil, evening meals are smaller and lighter." That leaves plenty of room for desert!

Denise's smart snack! "I need foods that energize me," says Denise Richards, who revs up on the Amazon-grown acai berry (now available in stores like Whole Foods Market. Says Joseph, "An Acai smoothie provides enough fiber and protein to last until lunch."

Kristen never feels hungry! "I stopped dieting because it made me binge," Kristen Cavallari tells Life & Style. The reality show alum solved her dieting dilemma by opting for smaller, more frequent meals (she snacks on almonds) to curb her cravings. Explains Joseph, "Meals and snacks spaced throughout the day help keep blood sugar up."

Gisele fills up on fruit! Brazilian-born Gisele Bundchen can thank her homeland for her supermodel bod. The Victoria's secret stunner says her fav foods are tropical fruits from her country - which she considers to be the "best place to live."

Goodbye bikini bar

Former strip club will be replaced with a pharmacy

LONGMONT — A former strip club that was in a long-running legal battle with city leaders has shut down and will be replaced by something far more prosaic: a pharmacy.

Walgreens is close to securing final city planning and development approval for a new, 13,285-square-foot store at the northeast corner of Main Street and 23rd Avenue.

“There’s just a few details they need to wrap up,” said city planner Brien Schumacher.

If the store gets its approvals, as expected, construction would likely begin in early June, Schumacher said.

Store developers said they look forward to leveling the site and replacing the hot-pink building and retaining walls with a store that better fits the area. The project is worth about $4.5 million. Walgreens will own both the store and the land beneath it.

“We’d like to get it open by the first of November,” said Dillon Tidwell, a principal with developer Hunt Douglas.

The store will have a small second story for storage and a one-lane pharmacy drive-through, Tidwell said.

News of the club’s permanent demise brought an ecstatic “woo hoo!” from nearby resident Debbie McBride, who said she and her husband would not have bought their house had they known it was going to be next to a strip club.

“Awesome. That’s very exciting,” McBride said. “My husband does not drive by. He actually takes the next street down. He won’t drive by it.”

Because the site is zoned and has been used for commercial purposes in the past, Walgreens was not required to hold a public hearing on its plans, although comments were solicited from neighbors.

Bella’s, a “gentlemen’s club,” repeatedly battled the city’s efforts to force it to close or relocate. A court decision in August permitted Bella’s to stay open on Main Street but under the restrictions of a special city licensing law. The club closed and reopened last fall as a bikini bar featuring “scantily clad women for your viewing pleasure.”

The club’s lawyer charged that the city had essentially run it out of town with multiple legal challenges and changes to licensing requirements. City officials said they thought a strip club had no place on Main Street.

Last year, the police department cited the strip club for letting dancers give lap dances.

In November 2000, the club’s owner described his new business as a sports bar to city officials and neighboring residents when applying for his liquor license. No mention was made to residents or city officials of bikini dancing and strip shows. The club opened in December 2000, featuring topless dancing.

The building started out as the Long Far Inn, a Chinese restaurant. A change to Whiskey ’n Rye followed before the establishment became Bella’s.

The city’s only other adult-oriented business recently completed a major overhaul. Mile Hi Adult Emporium was given permission by the city to spruce up both the inside and outside of the store with the stipulation that it not expand. The renovation created a second storefront at 1407 Main St., and a lingerie store called Naughty But Nice opened there.

Under city law, any new adult-oriented business would be limited to setting up shop in an industrial area and barred from Main Street or residential areas.

Wet bikini shots left Disturbia star disturbed

Former teenage model 'felt a little violated for a second' after seeing final version of thriller

Sarah Roemer started modelling professionally when she was 15, so she's used to being stared at -- especially by men.

But sometimes, it can get to her. During the filming of the new thriller, Disturbia, she spent a lot of time in and out of a swimming pool in a bikini. And in one memorable shot she answers the front door dripping wet. By the time this sequence came along, she had decided that members of the film crew were getting too attentive to her physical charms.

"It was a really bizarre experience watching them watching me and talking about me," she recalls.

"They kept wetting me down. They kept spraying me. I remember the crew guys each had an earpiece and they had their hands over their mouths talking to each other and looking at me ... and I was like, 'Can you stop? I'm trying to do a scene here!' "

It was only after seeing the finished film that she realized fully how voyeuristic these scenes were.

"I was a little taken aback. I had no idea how much was going on in the scene. I didn't realize how much fun they were having with it. I felt a little violated for a second."

But only for a second. Roemer, 22, admits that if some guy was secretly watching her, the way she reacted would probably depend on who that guy was.

If it was "some old crazy creep next door" she wouldn't be happy. On the other hand, if it was some "cute guy" it might be different.

In the case of Disturbia, the cute guy is Shia LaBeouf. He's playing Kale, a moody teenager who's under house arrest for slugging a teacher and who has started whiling away his endless hours by spying on his neighbours -- including her character, Ashley, the beautiful girl who's moved in next door.

"Shia's character is very cute and charming," she says. "I think most girls would be happy with that."

Besides, spying and voyeurism are what drive the suspenseful plot of Disturbia. Kale sees something sinister about the conduct of another neighbour, played by David Morse, and eventually comes to the conclusion that the reclusive Mr. Turner may be a serial killer. Ashley becomes Kale's ally in helping him discover the truth.

"The movie is really fun," Roemer says. "You really feel that you are part of their spy team. I did when I watched it, and there are so many laughs and you're having a really good time. It's a good ride and then when it gets intense; it's really scary."

Equally important, the film makes sure audiences come to know the characters "and I think that makes the end even scarier."

Mind you, it also got scary working with Morse, who decided to stay in character even when he wasn't doing a scene.

"He was very creepy. He did his job really well. There were a lot of rumours going around the set and makeup trailer. People were whispering, 'Is he really like this or is he just playing his character?"

But she also saw the other side of Morse during filming.

"I remember one time he knocked on my trailer when we were starting to do stunts and he brought arnica which is good for bruises and wounds. He didn't really say much. He just handed it over, and said, 'this helps,' and walked away.

"And I thought, 'Oh, he likes me. He was trying to help me.' But I absolutely loved working with him. Every scene I did with him was absolutely incredible. He just has this presence and it's very intimidating. That scene I did with him in the car just gives me the chills."

Roemer seems to be working the horror-thriller genre these days, but she isn't complaining. She made her debut last autumn in Grudge 2, playing a student who falls prey to a curse. She recently completed Asylum, portraying another student who this time must cope with the revelation that her dorm was once a notorious asylum. She had a ball on the film thanks to director David Ellis, who kept telling cast members to lighten up. "David Ellis is absolutely amazing. We had nothing but laughs on the set."

Sandra Bullock has been learning the tango in preparation for a new, as yet untitled, movie -- and she admits she was hopeless at the beginning.

"Go take a tango class and you'll want to go home and kill yourself because you are so inept. It is just frustrating -- but beautiful when it all comes together. Now, I have a tremendous appreciation for it."

Itsy Bitty, Teeny Weeny Solar-Powered Bikini

It's curious that people are still squeamish about the cost of going solar (seriously people, it pays for itself!), but when it comes to tiny swimsuits with solar panels, we're all in.

The awkward-looking solar bikini created by Andrew Schneider (seen at right) hit the gadget world earlier this year and received all kinds of praise for its ability to charge your gadgets while you soak up some rays. Now, swimming champion Gemma Mengual was photographed walking down the runway in a solar powered one-piece by Triumph, leading me to believe we will be seeing more of these bad boys.

I won't deny the chicness of solar power, but I will deny any requests to wear a swimsuit with any extra gadget holsters, mini solar panels or wires. I can charge my phone or iPod on my solar powered portable charger without getting hot, sweaty and looking painfully uncomfortable. Thank you very much.

New, 'sexier' one-piece replaces boring bikini?

The bikini is a tyrant.

Its long rule over women's swimwear, however, may be coming to a close.

A new, sexier take on the traditional one-piece makes its debut just in time for the fast-approaching summer season. Chic and sassy skin-baring cuts take bold steps where forgettable two-piece experiments such as the "tankini" stumbled.

Darby Schmidt, a 2005 graduate from Alpharetta and an employee of Heery's Clothes Closet (195 College Ave.), was surprised by the positive response women had toward the one-piece styles the store offers.

"A lot more girls are trying it on and aren't afraid to give it a chance," Schmidt said.

This comeback has been years in the making. The one-piece has re-emerged in recent seasons but not to an enthusiastic reception.

Heery's offers two different one-piece styles, both from Cosabella Mare's line. Options include solid colors and prints with prices ($96-$118) varying accordingly. They all, however, are "very skimpy," according to Heery's store buyer Carol White.

To counter the bikini dogma, designers have distinguished their particular take on the formerly frumpy one-piece in a variety of ways. No longer will it be typecast strictly for bathers uncomfortable with skin-baring silhouettes.

This will come as a relief to those intrigued by the concept of the one-piece but concerned about risking an association with matronly or infantile swimwear.

Fortson's Clothiers employee and fashion merchandising major Maggie Cassity, a junior from Athens, expressed a conditional interest in the one-piece's re-emergence.

"I would love to find a cute one-piece," she said. "Hopefully those nasty ones with the skirts are staying in the closet."

Fortson's (154 E. Clayton St.) expects a shipment of bathing suits within the month, Cassity said, but she is not sure whether any will be one-pieces.

The sea change in the perception of the one-piece - from faux pas to cutting-edge trend - is the result of designers' ingenuity.

Bold patterns, prints and colors, along with outright sexy cuts and fits, are among the Spring 2007 bikini's fresh traits.

Suits range from high fashion's highest altitudes, with Chanel's classic-cut tweed model, to Target's affordable $24.99 back-baring design by Xhilaration.

Further validating the movement is American Apparel, a staple of hip minimalist stylings. Among its offerings are both risqué and pared-down models, all in the $30-$45 range.

These and many other options promise variety and flattering styles for open-minded swimwear shoppers this summer.

Parents Slam Bikinis aimed at making Children into Sex Objects

Skimpy bikinis aimed at girls as young as four are being sold by leading retailers.

Tiny briefs and bra-style tops are available at respected names such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Bhs and the leading supermarkets.

Many parents are deeply disturbed by the sale of such outfits, similar to those designed for adults.

It is seen as part of a wider problem of the sexualisation of young children.

A snapshot survey by the Daily Mail found John Lewis was selling a tiny £25 pink bikini with orange and brown flowers and frills for girls aged 4-5.

This was among a number of similar swimsuits with tiny triangles of fabric to represent an adult bikini.

The costumes at Marks & Spencer include a blue bikini in an adult design with a very skimpy top and briefs.

The £9 swimsuit is apparently for girls as young as four. Asda's range includes a £5 pink bikini with a starting age range of 4-5, while Tesco costumes include a £3 'Beach babe' bikini in red and green for girls aged 5-6.

Mother-of-two Anna Heywood, from Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne, was shocked to see what was on offer in the city centre when she went to buy a swimsuit for daughter, Lily, seven.

"I could not believe what I was seeing," she said. "These were bikinis with tiny triangles and straps which left nothing to the imagination. They were clearly copies of swimwear that is aimed at teenagers or older women.

"I started at John Lewis because I thought I could rely on them. First I looked at the O'Neill range and found nothing suitable. But even John Lewis's own range was as bad.

"They had skimpy tops for four and five-year -olds. I asked why this was the case. I was told that they 'needed to cater for everyone'.

"I am no prude and, indeed until recently my children used to run around on the beach with little or nothing on.

"What I object to is the overt sexualisation of very young children by people who should know better."

Mrs Heywood, 32, an environmental consultant, said she met similar problems at Monsoon and Bhs.

"All I wanted was a simple bikini with some kind of band around the chest. It was just to give Lily something fun to wear on holiday that was different to her school swimsuit."

The director of the charity Kidscape, Michelle Elliott, said: "We should let kids be kids. We don't need to give them miniature adult swimsuits.

"We should give them swimsuits they can run around in, not things with tiny little straps that get in the way.

"Personally, I would rather see them running around without anything on than something that would sexualise them."

Tesco said: "Our swimsuits - including the bikinis - are generally more generous in cover than those of our competitors, and come in the bright, fun colours that have been popular among kids for decades.

"We reject any suggestion that they are indecent or provocative."

John Lewis summed up the other stores' views with a statement saying: "We take the responsibility we have as a retailer to parents and children seriously and are very mindful that all garments must be appropriate for the age group they are intended for.

"Our swimwear assortment for girls responds to what our customers would like to buy and offers them choice through a variety of ranges."

UK parents slam 'bikini for tiny tots'

New Delhi: Skimpy bikinis for girls as young as four, sold by leading retailers across UK has got the parents worried, says The Daily Mail. Tiny briefs and bra-style tops for adolescent girls by famous brands are flooding London’s upmarket stores.

While the parents are deeply disturbed by the sale of such outfits, they see it a part of a wider problem—of the sexualisation of young children.

A survey by The Daily Mail found a number of swimsuits for tiny tots designed with tiny triangles of fabric represent an adult bikini. One of the walk-ins at a London store, mother-of-two Anna Heywood said she was shocked to see what was on offer as a swimsuit for her seven-year-old daughter.

"I could not believe what I was seeing. These were bikinis with tiny triangles and straps were clearly copies of swimwear that is aimed at teenagers or older women,” she told the news daily.

"What I object to is the overt sexualisation of very young children by people who should know better," she added.

However the manufacturers say they are only catering to the popular demand. "Our swimsuits - including the bikinis - are generally more generous in cover than those of our competitors, and come in the bright, fun colours that have been popular among kids for decades. We reject any suggestion that they are indecent or provocative," a manufacturer was quoted by Daily Mail.

John Lewis summed up the other stores' views with a statement saying: "We take the responsibility we have as a retailer to parents and children seriously and are very mindful that all garments must be appropriate for the age group they are intended for.

Forget Teeny Weeny Bikinis This Summer!

It's official, British women's boobs are growing to new proportions. Tica London, the city's most central swimwear boutique, has seen a rapid growth of sales in larger sizes over the past 12 months. And to cater for demand, directors Jenny Powles and Emma McLaughlin are in talks with their Brazilian suppliers to find out if they can manufacture larger sizes.

“We have quite literally been selling out of our larger D-Cup and DD-Cup bikini sizes nearly as soon as we've un-packed our deliveries” says Emma McLaughlin. “We’re constantly asked for larger bikini tops but with small bottoms – something we fortunately don't have too much of a problem with owing to the fact that our South American styles are often a little slimmer on the hips”.

Jenny Powles adds “We can't work out if British women are actually larger than their traditionally curvaceous South American counterparts or if this phenomenon is due to the increase in plastic surgery procedures or just because British women quite simply like to be a bit more covered up”.

Tica London already offers 'export' sizes of the famously small Brazilian bikinis to cater for the European market. “Our size small bikini is actually equivalent to a large in Brazil” says Emma “European women are a little more shy than the South Americans and tend to prefer a little more coverage from their bathing suits”.

Whatever the reason, it's all good news for British men who will be getting quite an eye-full with all this hot weather!

Panama City Bikini Roller Derby

It's been more than a few months since the parking lot around RollerTime skate rink on Arcadia Circle has been jammed with cars; since the buzz of anticipation inside was as intense as the "Saw" movies and the thump of females hitting the hardwood could be heard clearly in line at the concession stand.

It's been awhile since some of Huntsville's finest ladies have gone flying into the fan-lined oval at RollerTime, the cross-dressing cheerleaders have whipped the rowdy spectators into a frenzy, and the shoving and nudging of roller derby was rocking in Huntsville.

But Sunday night, clad in striped stockings and helmets, the Dixie Derby Girls will resurface for a bout against the Panama City Roller Derby.

Pitted as the "Bikini Beatdown," the Huntsville crew will roll out a dozen of the most malicious mamas in town for the throwdown.

Don't miss the debauchery following the final whistle when the party shifts from RollerTime to Crossroads, 115 Clinton Ave.

Event details

What: Dixie Derby Girls vs. Panama City Roller Derby

When: Sunday, 7:30 p.m.

Where: RollerTime Skate Rink, 707 Arcadia Circle

How much: $10, includes The Group Hug halftime concert and admission to afterparty at Crossroads

H&M's Kylie Minogue Bikini Range

Kylie Minogue has been unveiled as the new face and body of high-street retailer H&M's summer swimwear range.

Described as "relaxed meets disco", the new line features some very-Kylie silver bikinis and is said to be inspired by the Australian singer's own unique beach-life style.

"You only have to look at Kylie's fantastic personal style to see how stylish she is, and she is such a sweet person," said H&M's head of design Margareta van den Bosch.

"She was very enthusiastic in communicating what she personally likes to wear on the beach and showed us visual references like her own favourite 60s vintage bathing suit, which inspired the halter neck costume."

Fifteen styles are included in the new H&M loves Kylie line, which will debut in stores in mid-May.

While prices start at €9.90 (£6.70) for bikini bottoms and rise to €29.90 (£20.40) for the dresses, ten per cent of all proceeds will be donated to WaterAid, a charity seeking to provide the world's poorest communities with reliable freshwater supplies.

H&M will be hoping the Kylie factor works in their favour after a recent fashion tie-up with Madonna resulted in clothes not flying off the shelves as expected.

Miss Earth 2007 - Bikini Contest

Although it may be hard to focus on the message when the mode of propagation is a beauty pageant, the purpose of the Miss Earth competition is to promote and be actively involved in the preservation and protection of Mother Earth. Begun in 2001 by pagaent company Carousel Productions Inc., the Miss Earth competition began in the Phillipines and now includes competitors from over 80 countries.

Above: Candidates of Miss Philippines Earth 2007 hold slogans during a press presentation, Wednesday, April 11, 2007.

Bikini Wax Bars coming to your local city

"Bikini Wax Bars" are apparently going to be the hottest thing in beauty treatment in location spots around the country.

The High Street organisation Superdrug will be making a variety of waxing styles available in the next few months.

A pilot project in the capital showed there was a market for both sexes for the removal of hair from "sensitive" places on the body.

What's more, a survey discovered that one in three ladies consider waxing to be absolutely necessary. More females in their mid - 50s confess to demanding a "Hollywood" style (formerly known as a "Brazilian") (completely bare) than individuals in the 19-21 age group.

One in ten blokes also disclosed they had their bottoms waxed too!

Baywatch Bikini Party Enrages Muslims in Indonesia

Jakarta, 12 April (AKI) - Muslim groups near Yogyakarta in Central Java are up in arms at a local night club which has organised a Baywatch Bikini Party, inspired by the American television serial based on Californian surf life savers featuring women in skimpy bathing costumes and bare-chested men. "Parties like this must be rejected because they do not help to build the national character, on the contrary they damage it," Warijan, president of the Islamic students association, ‘Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam’, told local daily Java Pos.

The party is scheduled for next Saturday at Caesar Café, in Sleman district, whose owner Ambarukmo Fajar, said the girls attending will be "dressed in a relatively conservative manner with red mini-skirts and white tops".

Warijan added that Yogyakarta was gradually losing its status as a cultural centre of Indonesia and becoming instead "a city of sin." "Parents will be afraid to send their children to study here," he said. Yogyakarta is known as a center of classical Javanese fine art and culture such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry and puppet shows. It is also famous as a center for Indonesian higher education.

Yogyakarta also mainly attracts tourists interested in art and culture, with key attractions nearby such as the Prambanan complex of Hindu temples and the world famous Borobudur Buddhist temple, both UNESCO World Heritage sites.

"It is not the Baywatch one sees on television.The name was chosen for marketing purposes," said Caesar Café's owner Ambarukmo Fajar.

"We will recreate only the atmosphere of Baywatch and nothing will happen that could damage the culture of the traditions of Yogyakarta," he explained. "What is more, to do something openly sinful here would amount to suicide," he added.

The Baywatch initiative has been criticised by various other Muslim groups who have called for a boycott of the Caesar Cafe.

Miss Hawaii Bikini Contest

April 14, 2007.

TEMPERATURES soared this week at the English heats of Miss Hawaiian Tropic - the world's biggest bikini babe contest.

Tanned and toned babes posed in skimpy swimwear hoping to pick up the coveted crown.

Dozens of English roses turned out for the event at Chelsea's swanky club The Collection over the past two nights.

Judges marked them on their bikini bods and also evening dress and lingerie.

The winner - who is yet to be revealed - will go to Las Vegas next month to compete at the international beauty pageant's grand finals.

It will see hot girls from around the globe going head-to-head for the top prize - and become the face of the sun-oil company.

Getting Fit: Bikini Body Countdown


How it works Do this all-over sculpting plan, designed by trainer and Shape contributing editor Lisa Wheeler, two or three times a week. You'll need a stability ball and a small 5- to 10-pound weighted ball. Warm up with at least five minutes of easy cardio (add more, if you'd like, to increase the calorie burn), then do one set of each move in order. Follow each exercise with the designated cardio "burst." Go through the moves two or three times total. Add up to 30 seconds of rest between circuits if needed.


How it works Five or six times a week, do one of these routines (or choose from one of the cardio workouts from previous months). Pick any activity you like. This month, the weight workout can function as a cardio routine too, so if you're strapped for time one day, just do the weight workout. Take a day off each week to recover.

Calorie maximizerDo an hour of moderate-intensity cardio, whether it's a hike, a brisk walk, your favorite indoor cycling class or kickboxing. Once a week, try to go on a long (two hours or more) hike or walk.

Gradual intervals
0-5 minutes Warm up at an easy pace (you can easily chat)
5-10 Maintain a moderate pace (you're breathing more heavily than normal but are still able to maintain a conversation).
10-12 Increase the incline and or resistance over the 2-minute period until the last 30 to 45 seconds are very hard (you can't say more than a word or two between breaths).
12-14 Recover at an easy to moderate intensity.
14-30 Repeat minutes 10-14 four times.
30-35 Gradually slow your pace to an easy intensity to cool down.

Funny Bikinis 03

Funny Bikinis 02

Funny Bikinis 01

Got the Bikini Blues? It's Not Too Late to Drop a Size Before Summer

The signs of spring are all around, which means summer and bikini season aren't far off. Don't fret: you still have time to drop a size and start on the road to a healthier and fitter you, says Lifestyle Architect David Berger, founder of the Number One Me™ lifestyle and personal fitness system (

"Stop finding excuses why you can't exercise or why you can't control your eating and do something about it," Berger says. "You can do it. Convert your negative energy into positive thinking. Commit to a daily exercise program and you will look and feel healthier right from the start. And the greatest benefit is that your self-confidence will grow as your waist line shrinks."

The first step is to get out of the chair, and away from the television, computer and refrigerator. The warmer spring days are perfect for long daily walks, which is a great way to get started on the road to a fitter you, Berger says. You might then graduate to a more formal and disciplined exercise and nutrition program, such as Berger's Number One Me program.

"We can provide the guidance, but people need to make a personal commitment if they want to achieve their fitness goals, particularly with summer looming," Berger says. "But people who make that commitment, eat well and work hard can drop at least one clothing size in the next few months."

Berger is offering a variety of free exercise downloads from his NumberOneMe site for people who want to get started on an exercise routine today. The exercises are geared for various fitness levels.

Psychiatric evaluation for bikini-clad fireman

A volunteer firefighter from Waynesville, Ohio, faces charges after a parent complained about seeing him wearing a blond wig and a string bikini in a city park.

Steven S. Cole, 46, told police he was en route to a gay bar in Dayton "to perform as a woman for a $10,000 prize," the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

He pleaded not guilty Thursday in Mason Municipal Court on misdemeanour charges of drunken driving, having an open container, public indecency and disorderly conduct, Mason police told

The court ordered Cole to undergo psychiatric evaluation and banned him from public parks in the area.

His attorney, Charlie Rittgers, said Cole is married with three children and has no criminal history.

"There are a lot of people who are cross-dressers that are not a danger to anybody in society," TV station WCPO quoted Rittgers as saying.

"What's strange and what's caught the attention of the media is that he was dressed the way he was dressed, which was a little bit strange for Heritage Park in Mason, Ohio."

Cole was arrested Tuesday after a local father enjoying the balmy weather at the park with his family spotted what he termed "this freak show" and called police.

"I was a little taken by surprise by what I'd seen there," Troy Harphant, 35, told the Enquirer. "It was out of place with what should have been going on over there, that's for sure."

Harphant claims he saw the bikini-clad person fondling or exposing himself. The person hopped into a parked pickup with red emergency lights on top; he followed the truck out of the park and called police on his cell phone. He realized the person's gender as he got closer.

"There's a man out here dressed up in a wig and women's two-piece bikini freaking people out in the park," he told a 911 dispatcher. "It's inappropriate and I'd like somebody to come check this guy out. The guy is actually trying to leave the park now."

Mason police Officer Scott Miller pulled the truck over. His report states: "I observed Cole to be wearing a very skimpy woman's . . . bikini . . . and a pair of pink Speedo flip-flop sandals."

A pair of tan water balloons provided the embonpoint.

Police said they found an open 40-ounce bottle of beer in Cole's truck and that his blood-alcohol test registered 0.174, more than twice Ohio's legal limit.

Officials in Wayne Township, where Cole has been a volunteer firefighter since August 2000, said he would be placed on administrative leave while the case continues.

Firefighter In Bikini Gets Arrested

A volunteer firefighter from Ohio has been charged with drunk driving as well as public indecency and disorderly conduct for wearing a bikini to a bar.

The man, Steven Cole, is 46-years-old and a volunteer firefighter. he was on his way to a bar to perform as a woman in a contest. The contest was reportedly paying out $12,500 to the winner. he was dressed in a tight little string bikini and a woman’s wig. He also had water balloons to fill up his chest area for the delight, or sickness, of those seeing him.

He had a blood-alcohol content of 0.174 when arrested and had no comment on the matter.

He pleaded guilty to all counts as his lawyer stated that he is “obviously humiliated and embarrassed.” I would love to see the reception he gets when he goes back to the firehouse.

Motorbikers all in a lather after bikini-clad bike wash

Cumbrian women literally stopped traffic when they decided to raise some Easter cash for local charities.

The brave group ditched their clothes and took to the city streets to wash as many motorbikes as they could – in their bikinis.

The sponsored bikini bike wash was organised by local bikers Steve Vernon and Amanda Kay as part of their annual Easter egg run to raise money for the Eden Valley Hospice’s Jigsaw Appeal and the Cumberland Infirmary’s Willow B Renal Ward.

More than 80 bikers turned up to have their bikes washed, each donating an Easter egg for the charities.

Amanda was one of the bikini babes at the bike wash outside the St Nicholas Arms pub on London Road. She was joined by friends Pat Simpson, Sharon Wiggan and Jenny Baty, and their sexy stunt seemed to capture the imagination as the group raised £1,300 for their chosen charities.

Amanda said: “We are up for most things and it was a good laugh.

“The only concern was the weather but it was quite warm so we were fine and the money we raised made it all worth while.”

Meanwhile there was an unexpected Easter heatwave in Cumbria with temperatures reaching 15C, and the warm weather is expected to continue this week.

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