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Defining Summer fashion

WHAT defines summer fashion? Bikinis? Boardshorts? Sleeveless? Tube tops? Pastel colors? Sandals? Slip ons? Sundress? Hawaiian shirts? Whatever your choice is, just remember that summer fashion is all about comfort.

All of the above-mentioned summer-fashion symbols were donned by the various weekend warriors last April 21, when Iloilo's ultimate party place, Flow, threw its "Wet and Wild Summer" party.

It was nice to see the majority of the Ilonggo nocturnal creatures and habitués of Flow cooperating with the theme for the night as they came garbed in the summer fashion pieces of their respective choice.

A few daring Ilonggas came in their bikini tops, though some of those souls brought smiles of ridicule---rather than smiles of admiration---to the faces of men. I couldn't help being amused with comments I heard from the men as some of those ladies wearing bikini tops passed. "Wala na gid guro inugbakal drinks pre (Maybe, they have no money to buy drinks)," quipped one guy to a friend since Flow offered free drinks to women in such a getup. How mean---but funny.

The party turned out to be a really wild one, as usual, as Ilonggos unleashed their body heat with their moves and grooves. Plus, the presence of water guns provided by Flow made the event more riveting, and wet of course, as the nocturnal creatures tried to douse the temperature by shooting water at each other. How childlike, but undeniably fun.

Speaking of bikinis, I'd like to offer these tips to women who dare to wear this most popular summer fashion symbol for ladies. Maybe other party places or private parties may request you to come in bikini tops, full bikini gear or summer-wear this season. To avert harsh comments from the men, please try to observe these three suggestions.

1. Don't dare to be daring when you are uncomfortable. People might think you are being pimped or forced into prostitution.

2. In the April 9 issue of Wonder V Mandays, most of my respondents defined sexy in terms of attitude. You don't need to have those super sized bulges and evident curves to be considered as one. However ladies, don't be overconfident when wearing those bikinis with your chin up, especially when you have nothing to be proud of in terms of the physical. Men will definitely think you are nothing more than a trying hard.

3. Cover those flawed parts of your skin with foundation or concealer that matches your skin tone. Most party places are dark, I know. But you know, some men are so particular about good skin quality. Better yet, if you have blemishes or stretch marks, opt for other summer fashion outfits. Floral or sundresses are great. Don't be so engrossed in the idea that it's all attitude. The physical still matters, believe me.

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