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Workout aims to give you bikini body

You need to get to work now if you want to show off at the beach wearing that new bikini.

If you put your mind to it and stick to our spring bikini workout, you should see the results.

Joni Desmet of Pungo Personal Training says it’s important to be consistent and exercise to get swimsuit ready by summer.

While getting a Bo Derek “10” body may not be doable, Desmet says you can smooth out lumps and bumps.

She recommends three exercises for your lower body – the dead lift, the band squat and the side step.

The dead lift targets the hamstrings and buttocks. You bend forward at the waist, keeping your belly button pressed to your spine and then come right back up.

The band squat works every muscle group below the waist. You slowly sit back into the squat, keeping your knees from going past your toes.

For the outer thigh, do side steps.

Desmet has two exercises to help tone your tummy - the plank and side plank.

For the arms, do band push ups. She says the added resistance of the band works your biceps, triceps and chest even harder.

With each exercise, Joni says do as many as you can until you feel the muscle burn..

Then, increase your work load each day to reach your goal.

Desmet also suggests working some cardio into your routine and, of course, eat a sensible, healthy diet.

The goal of the workout is to get into the hot swimsuit trends of the season, which are polka dots, bright, bold jewel tones and patterns, the nautical look and hardware of all varieties.

The fashion experts at Everything But Water say there's something trendy for everybody who's ready for summer.

"The mini-skirt is definitely probably the biggest trend we're seeing right now and that works fabulous on every body type," said Kristen Ducette.

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