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Got the Bikini Blues? It's Not Too Late to Drop a Size Before Summer

The signs of spring are all around, which means summer and bikini season aren't far off. Don't fret: you still have time to drop a size and start on the road to a healthier and fitter you, says Lifestyle Architect David Berger, founder of the Number One Me™ lifestyle and personal fitness system (

"Stop finding excuses why you can't exercise or why you can't control your eating and do something about it," Berger says. "You can do it. Convert your negative energy into positive thinking. Commit to a daily exercise program and you will look and feel healthier right from the start. And the greatest benefit is that your self-confidence will grow as your waist line shrinks."

The first step is to get out of the chair, and away from the television, computer and refrigerator. The warmer spring days are perfect for long daily walks, which is a great way to get started on the road to a fitter you, Berger says. You might then graduate to a more formal and disciplined exercise and nutrition program, such as Berger's Number One Me program.

"We can provide the guidance, but people need to make a personal commitment if they want to achieve their fitness goals, particularly with summer looming," Berger says. "But people who make that commitment, eat well and work hard can drop at least one clothing size in the next few months."

Berger is offering a variety of free exercise downloads from his NumberOneMe site for people who want to get started on an exercise routine today. The exercises are geared for various fitness levels.

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