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Spain questions Armani girl in bikini ad

Spain questions Armani girl in bikini ad

Tuesday Mar 13

A Giorgio Armani advertisement showing a young girl in a bikini has drawn the attention of Spanish authorities who are debating whether it depicts a child in an improperly sexual manner.

The Madrid regional government's child protection chief said he would ask the advertising industry self-regulator to consider whether the image visible on the Italian fashion house's website ( should be withdrawn.

The decision was taken a few days after Dolce & Gabbana was forced to pull an image from Spain showing a fashionably dressed woman pinned to the ground by a man as other men looked on.

Parents have complained about the Armani Junior advert, Arturo Canalda, head of child interests for Madrid's regional government, said.

"It's an advert where little girls aren't portrayed in the attitude of little girls," he said. They are wearing make-up and they are about six or seven."

The black-and-white Armani Junior poster shows two little girls, one wearing a bikini top and with her arm around the other.

In an email statement the Italian firm, said: "The matter will be reviewed once complete information has been received concerning the specific complaint."

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