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Trimming around the bikini line

I was recently out at my apartment complex’s pool, soaking up some sun with a few friends, when one made a comment about the hair around my nether region. I was totally embarrassed and shocked that she was looking at my bikini line. So now I’m concerned about it and totally uncomfortable putting on my suit, period. What should I do? - Hairy Girl

Dear Hairy Girl:

Now that Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, it is officially summer. And summer officially signifies the time to wear tank tops, sundresses and bikinis. The thing about bikinis is that they just don’t cover up much. Any excess flab or soft curves are visible (though a little color from the sun help shade this), as well as any stray body hairs (sun is not helpful for these). The truth is, everyone has body hair. Some have more than others and some people dislike that hair more than others.
In Europe, for the most part, they let it run wild. Got a little tuft, no big deal. In South America and the Middle East, they tend to get rid of all body hair — arms, legs and other regions — all smooth. Here in the states, we’re probably somewhere in the middle. It’s not necessary to make your entire body as smooth as a baby’s butt, but it’s also unacceptable to have private hair hanging out of your bikini zone. Truly, it’s what you are personally comfortable with that should be your standard, but I’m sensing from your question that you are not comfy with what you’ve got.

So, what’s a girl to do? You have oh-so-many options, my dear. Most common options: You can trim it (easy, but still a bit noticeable), shave it (causes quite the itch), use a depilatory cream (can cause a burn while using) or wax it (painful, but works well). The first three options are all self-administered and you can try them out at home anytime. Actually, waxing can also be do-it-yourself, but you have to be pretty good at yoga to remove the hair from all the right spots. Most ladies that wax go to a salon to do so. The thing is, you have to get over the thought of someone seeing you “down there” and also decide how much you want to remove.
I’ll admit it’s painful, but a good waxer will help ease the pain in many ways. If you’re not sure where to go, there’s a laundry list of places in the phone book. But I’ll tell you a few you can try out off the top of my head — Modish, La Dolce Vita, Aqua Salon or Spa Deus. Best of luck figuring out what works best for you and enjoy the summer.

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