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Airline drops ad with singing, bikini-clad Cubans

Spanish airline Iberia has cut an advertisement showing black Cuban women in bikinis bottle feeding a baby tourist as he sings "feed me mulattas come on little mamas, take me to my cot" after complaints it was sexist.

A consumer rights group demanded Iberia, Spain's national flag carrier, pull the ad for online sales as it was offensive to Cuban women and could encourage sex tourism. The animated cartoon shows young Cuban women driving the baby to the beach, dancing for him and massaging him after he is transported to the Caribbean island.

"It's sexist, Cubans could find it offensive," said Ruben Sanchez, a spokesman for the Facua consumer rights group. Foreign tourists have long travelled to Cuba to buy sex and companionship in exchange for hard currency and gifts. Iberia said it had not meant to offend anyone with the ad.

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