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1. If you are more milk-bottle than mahogany, wear bold colours on the beach as they suit paler skin tones.

2. To create more curves, wear funky, multicoloured stripes.

3. Black is brilliant for flattering a less than perfect figure.

4. White is tops for showing off a perfect tan but only with a perfect body.

5. Nautical red, white and blues suit everyone, whatever your skin tone.

6. Earthy tones, such as rich browns and khaki greens, make the most of your bronzed body.

7. To shrink a big bottom, wear plain bikini bottoms with a patterned top.

8. Tie-side styles suit bigger bottoms and make legs look longer.

9. Avoid wearing flip-flops and opt instead for wedges or mules to give you better posture and height.

10. Halter-neck styles give great support to bigger busts.

So what better incentive do you need to shed those stones scored by sitting on the sofa stuffing yourself with sweets?

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