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Top Ten Resort Wear Essentials

Increasing travel options and access to exotic, tropical destinations has resulted in a niche market of casual, yet fashionable, resort wear apparels that invoke relaxation whilst also offering style.

Designers have been rising to the occasion by broadening their collections to include glamorous beach wear options, casual summer cover ups and chic lounge looks, even during autumn and winter seasons. The result has been an explosion of beaded kaftans, embroidered tunics, glitzy metallic bikini’s, jewelled sandals, elegant tropical prints in natural, breathable fabrics, all depicting a lifestyle of relaxation, classic luxury and elegance.

This is the essence of resort wear. Clothing that is easy, yet glamorous, sexy whilst being understated, casual yet elegant, fun and flirty.

Organizing your vacation wardrobe can be trickier than you think. Limited by luggage size and weight, you have to be economic with your vacation clothing choices. We’ve tried to make it easy for you with our 2007 top 10 list of resort wear must-have’s to ensure that your vacation packing is a breeze.

1. a pair of lightweight, neutral tone, linen pants are essential to every vacation wardrobe and can be easily paired with a variety of tops for different looks time and again. Matched up with a brightly printed T or kaftan they can give a sophisticated look to the most casual traveller out there.

2. A tunic cover-up for beach days, afternoons around the pool, or sun-downer cocktails at the bar.

3. A large, canvas tote handbag in a bold, tropical print will save the day when your toting beach accessories, or just mulling around local markets for a bargain or two. This season is showcasing even larger bags than last year which are just perfect for holiday shopping.

4. One well fitting bikini! Go the extra mile to find a bikini that fits to make you feel fabulous and ditch all of last year’s left-overs.

5. A selection of v neck, cotton t’s in tropical shades are handy to throw on for coffee runs, lunch outings, or even sporting activities.

6. A flatteringly feminine skirt in a floral or botanical print that speaks to the eco consciousness of 2007 will update your wardrobe this year.

7. A pair of bermuda shorts are easy, comfortable and a hip choice for summer casuals.

8. A pair of jewelled sandals/flip flops are casual enough for beach wear, but dressy enough to liven up casual bermuda’s or linens for a city outing.

9. A baby doll sundress can double up for day, or slinky evening wear if dressed up with accessories.

10. A pair of metallic, strappy heels will have you looking edgy for night time entertainment. Metallic is definitely the “new black” for 2007.

Resort wear is all about the fun of life. Enjoy your vacation wardrobe choices all year round and bring the sunshine into your life.

Airline drops ad with singing, bikini-clad Cubans

Spanish airline Iberia has cut an advertisement showing black Cuban women in bikinis bottle feeding a baby tourist as he sings "feed me mulattas come on little mamas, take me to my cot" after complaints it was sexist.

A consumer rights group demanded Iberia, Spain's national flag carrier, pull the ad for online sales as it was offensive to Cuban women and could encourage sex tourism. The animated cartoon shows young Cuban women driving the baby to the beach, dancing for him and massaging him after he is transported to the Caribbean island.

"It's sexist, Cubans could find it offensive," said Ruben Sanchez, a spokesman for the Facua consumer rights group. Foreign tourists have long travelled to Cuba to buy sex and companionship in exchange for hard currency and gifts. Iberia said it had not meant to offend anyone with the ad.

Best & Worst Beach Bodies 2007

Just in time for summer, Star magazine reveals which celebrities are beach-bod ready, and those who should opt to stay in winter hibernation mode.

Best Tattooed: PINK

Dainty bows tattooed under each butt cheek? Why not! When you look this good in a bikini from behind it’s a gift! Hard-bodied Pink shows off her super-toned physique on a beach outside Sydney

Best Booty-Shakin: Rihanna

This Barbados-born hip-hop princess grew up frolicking on the beach – and she still rules the sands! Rihanna, 19, is hot in a bedazzled black bikini- and even pulls off that dowdy cap! – while hanging in her native island country

Best Oscar: Charlize Theron

No fair! Charlize, 31, is blessed with killer beauty and great gams – and he has an Oscar at home (for 2003’s Monster) to boot! The statuesque former model lights up the beach in Malibu while sporting a teeny-weeny print bikini.

Best Bikini: Cameron Diaz

Wow, that’s one lucky ogre! The star of the new hit film Shrek the Third hits the beach and shows off her supremely toned and ultra leggy 34-year-old bod in an adorable sherbet-striped bikini.

Best Better-Half: Kelly Preston

Her tubby hubby, John Travolta, ranks among the worst bods, but Kelly proves that opposites attract during a Hawaiian getaway. John’s a lucky, lucky guy!

Best All Around: Jessica Biel

It’s easy to see what attracted Justin Timberlake to his new love! The bootylicious ex-7th Heaven star, 23 – who was recently spotted visiting her new sweetie in London, where he’s launching his world tour – Is a vision in white while romping ton the beach in Hawaii!

Best Plus-Size: Queen Latifah

All hat the Queen! Her best accessory? Confidence! In a flattering black one piece, Latifah, 37, proves that (a bit) bigger can be a whole lot better while vacationing in Hawaii.

Best Curvy: Penelope Cruz

How do you say hubba-hubba-haubba in Spanish? The Madrid-born stunner, 33, is muy caliente in a dark one-piece suit while frolicking in the surf on the celeb-fave Caribbean isle of St. Bart’s.

Best Back from Bony: Kate Bosworth

Now that’s much better, Kate! After shocking fans with her skeletal fram last fall, the Superman Returns star, 24, is positively pinupworthy – and absolutely gorgeous! – in a flower-print bikini and trendy white shades while in Maui.

Best Hot House-Wife: Nicollette Sheridan

You think she’s desperate? Fat chance! Nicollette is the TV housewife with the ridiculously hot figure! The 43-year-old (that’s not a typo!) rocks a colorful striped bikini while strolling in Malibu.

Now for the Hunky Hollywood Men – The Best Bods Go to…

Best Action Hero: Hugh Jackman

Wolverine is looking kinda fierce! The X-Men star, 38, flaunts major muscles along with his swoon-inducing, screen-idol good looks on the beach in his native Australia.

Best Hidden: Jude Law

Hey, Jude! We thought you were scrawny! Who knew that the dreamy and blue-eyed actor, 34, had such a rockin’, well-sculpted bod? Jude reveals just enough to prove he’s got the right stuff while on vacation at the beach on Britain’s Isles of Scilly.

Best Soccer: David Beckham

The English soccer legend and admitted metrosexual, 32, proves that he’s the rare guy who can actually pull off a teeny Speedo-style swimsuit (unless of course, those are his undies!) Question: Did wife Posh have the privilege of oiling him up so nicely?

Best Bachelor: Andy Baldwin

The star of the Bachelor’s tenth season is a ripped-and-ready megahunk – no wonder so many women made fools of themselves on national TV! The 30-year-old licensed doctor and US Navy lieutenant is clearly a catch – in or out of uniform!

Best Morning Show: Matt Lauer

Eat your heart out, Al Roker! The Today show chatter, 49, and his surprisingly ripped abs are the talk of the town in the Hamptons. Plus, Matt gets extra points for having his adorable daughter, Romy, 3, in tow.

Star's Fave Couples…These Heavenly Bodies Attract!

Best Back-ON Duo: Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson

Their romance is on-again, then off-again, then – what do you know! – back on! Although it’s tough to keep track of the couple’s status, the buff tattooed rocker, 44, and his blonde bombshell baby moma, 39, always look awesome when they strip down to hit the beach together, as they did recently in Maui it’s tradition – they even wore bathing suits to their 1995 wedding!

Best: Side-By-Side Sexy: Rande Gerber & Cindy Crawford

He’s a former model. And she’s, well, a former supermodel! But this hot couple looks like they could still rock the runway. The pair shows off their fit bods in the Bahamas.

Best Reality TV: Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt

Somebody’s proud of her new bod! And why not? The Hills beauty, 20, paid good money for it! Along with her equally fit manage/beau, Spencer Pratt, the recently augmented looker hit the beach in Malibu.

Best MTV-Ready: Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo

He’s an MTV-fave heartthrob; she’s a gorgeous former VJ. Together, the brand-new live-in couple sun, sip and show off their fantastic swimsuit shapes while boating in Cincinnati.

Best Old Married Couple: Harry Hamlin & Lisa Rinna

After more than 10 years of marriage and two children – and it’s rumored, a few cosmetic procedures a piece – Harry, 55, and Lisa, 43, are still one of the hottest couples on the beach in Malibu! We should all be sol lucky!

Finally Star reveals the Worst Beach Bods of 2007: Everyone out of the water! Scary sea creatures have washed up on shore!

Worst Saggy: Uma Thurman

Talk about letting it all hang out, well, down. We know the mom of two, 37, can afford a bikini top that offers a lot more support – and a lot less droop!

Worst Burnout: Courtney Love

Let this be a lesson: Years of not caring for your body make you look scary in a bikini! Also, if you get gastric-band surgery – as Love, 42, reportedly did – splurge for the additional procedure of tighten saggy skin!

Worst Secret Sagginess: Kate Hudson

Kate, 28, looks so perfect when she’s wearing clothing! But the actress and single mom’s plunging blue bikini revealed a surprisingly saggy tummy during a Hawaiian vacation.

Worst Man-Boob: John Travolta

Where have you gone, Tony Manero? The one-time Saturday Night Fever heartthrob, now 53, looks like he ate him! Even worse than that flabby tummy? Unsightly man boobs that look like they could use a bikini top!

Worst Bikini: Hulk Hogan

The former hard-bodied wrestling stud turned Hogan Knows Best patriarch, 53, has gone wrong in so many ways – not the least of which is squeezing himself into a neon-green slingshot suit that makes it tough to avoid noticing Hulk’s uh, hogans.

10 Tips from Bikini Bootcamp

I cringed when I first read the title of the new cookbook by Erica Gragg and Melissa Perlman, owners and founders of the Amansala Spa on the Mexican Riviera. Based on their popular fitness program, it's called Bikini Bootcamp: Two Weeks to Your Ultimate Beach Body. It sounded like some type of regimen involving grapefruit and cabbage (possibly in tandem) and rounds of push-ups.

Despite initial hesitation, I was intrigued by the story of two best friends relocating from Manhattan to Mexico to open a resort — next thing I knew, I had read the book cover to cover. The premise is simple: It's a guide for spa clients who wanted to live like Amansala guests even after returning home. Though the book includes workout advice and a 14-day get-in-shape plan, I focused on the cookbook section, which features about 80 Asian- and Mexican-inspired recipes. I was impressed that a "diet" book wove in flavor-boosters such as avocado, white wine, sesame oil, and brown sugar, and also that nearly every dish contained some kind of fat to keep you sated. I tried a few of them, and the recipes tasted as good as they looked.

After taking one bite of the Amansala Salad with Ginger-Sesame Dressing, my husband — who does most of the cooking in our household — said, "You're going to have to make this salad three times a week. No less."

Gragg and Perlman's overall eating philosophy is sensible: Buy organic when possible, eat lots of fruits and veggies, choose foods that are only one step removed from their natural state, and mix in whole grains and good fats (nuts, avocados, olive oil) judiciously. Since not all of us can travel to the sleepy beach town of Tulum, where resort recruits snack on fresh mango and strength-train with fallen coconuts (no joke!), I asked Gragg for more healthy eating advice. Here are her tips.

Eat Mindfully: Raise your hand if dinner often means chowing down while zoning out to Idol (or whatever happens to be on TiVo backlog). To encourage readers to focus on their food and how it tastes, the authors suggest setting a pretty table (even if you're dining alone), turning off the television and iPod, and even ditching those books and magazines. "Being mindful of not only why you are eating but also what you are eating means not only will you only eat when you are truly hungry, but you will begin to value and enjoy your meals so much more," says Gragg.

Low-Fat, Not Nonfat: Gragg and Perlman love a smoothie (their ginger-pineapple, which is made with plain low-fat yogurt, was my favorite). And since I can't stand the insipid mouth-feel of nonfat yogurt, I was thrilled that all the recipes call for low-fat dairy products. Here's Gragg's take: "The human body needs some fat to properly absorb vitamins and minerals. Remember, it's about portion and balance."

Focus on Fiber: When purchasing cereal or bread, the authors suggest choosing products that have four grams of fiber or more per serving. "Fiber is very filling, which means that you will eat less, yet feel fuller," explains Gragg. "Beyond that, fiber aids in digestion, flushing through your body very quickly, and soluble fiber binds to cholesterol and helps the body eliminate it." Okay, okay. I'll eat more fiber.

A Is for Amaranth: I was skeptical about this indigenous Mexican grain that the authors suggest as a morning cereal. (It can also be used to increase the fiber content of bread or pancakes.) It took much longer to cook than the package indicated, and its stubborn bits clung to the saucepan, bowl, and stove, even after repeated scrubbing. But I do love a toothsome grain, and I've become fond of its nutty flavor. (Oatmeal now seems bland in comparison.) It also packs a nutritious punch: Gragg points out that amaranth has three times the fiber content of wheat and a healthy amount of calcium.

Start with Soup: Having soup before dinner fills you up, and it's an easy way to sneak in a few extra servings of vegetables.

Mixing Up the Salads: So their guests don't tire of the same old greens, chefs at Amansala create salads using beans (black, garbanzo, and cannellini), whole wheat couscous, soba noodles, and raisins with apples (for a chicken salad). My favorite "green" is Napa cabbage, because the hearty heads stay fresh for up to a week in the fridge.

Sprinkle, Sprinkle: Many recipes call for a teaspoon or two of healthy mix-ins such as flax seeds, sesame seeds, and slivered almonds, all of which add fiber and protein and keep you satisfied until the next meal.

Spice It Up: "Too much salt leads to water retention and an energy slump," warns Gragg. I'm a bit of a saltaholic, but I found I needed less of the white stuff with these recipes because their flavor was pumped up with herbs and spices. I was digging through my pantry and fridge to bring out ingredients I don't use nearly enough, including curry and ginger powders, turmeric, and jarred jalape├▒os.

Befriend the Blender: With all the soups and smoothies I was eating on the Bikini Bootcamp diet, I used this do-it-all appliance more over the last month than I have since receiving it as a wedding gift. Blended salad dressing has been my personal revelation, and I don't think I'll be able to go back to making it with a whisk. It emulsified better, so the flavors seemed more cohesive, and it stayed blended, making it a cinch to grab and pour without having to remix.

Follow Your Fist: If you're craving a snack, try to eat something about the size of your fist, suggests Gragg. Of course, this shouldn't be, say, four chocolate truffles. The authors' snack suggestions were mostly the usual diet suspects (fruit, yogurt, veggies, air-popped popcorn), though the jicama sticks sound interesting; they're dusted with chili powder and finished with a squeeze of lime. If spas served bar snacks, that one would certainly be on the menu.

Try these recipes from Bikini Bootcamp:
• Amansala Salad with Ginger-Sesame Dressing
• Chicken Curry with Veggies on Whole-Grain Couscous

The bikini: a feminist issue

Turkey's ban on posters showing women in two-pieces will not stop its emancipated women dressing however they please.

A brief history of the Turkish bikini: nice respectable teenage girls were wearing them in the resorts around Istanbul and Izmir as far back as the 1960s. On "unspoiled" beaches it was not uncommon to attract a mob of staring men in those days, but as more resorts opened up, the bikini followed. By the 1980s, attitudes had relaxed all along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. This was partly because so many millions of Turks had spent time as guest workers in Germany, and partly because many more millions now had television, and their favourite programme was the bikini-studded Dallas.

In the 1990s, when mass tourism went massive, it was not uncommon to see a Turkish village woman bathing fully covered, while on a skimpy towel only metres away a foreign tourist sunbathed topless. You can think of that as a contradiction, or you can think of it as inevitable when some sectors of a rapidly changing society modernise faster than others. By the middle of that decade, though, the bikini was facing a serious challenge. The Islamist Refah party (soon to be banned and replaced by the Fazilet party, also later banned, eventually paving the way for the latest ruling) was by then taking a serious interest in women's modesty. It was at about that time that you began to hear about beach clubs that offered separate facilities for men and women and required Islamist dress. There was also the sad tale of the group of Islamist girls who were drowning but not rescued for fear of offending their modesty.

This caused great consternation in secular circles, where women's clothing is also politically symbolic. So it has been since the founding of the Republic in 1923. Ataturk did not actually ban the veil, but he did instigate what the Turks call a dress revolution; his adopted daughters were amongst the first to model western clothing and it soon became a mark of modernity - and patriotism - to follow suit. Turkish women got the vote before French women did. Because westernised families also took female education seriously, women established themselves in the professions far sooner than in many parts of Europe (including the UK). The percentage of tenured women professors was already higher in Turkey than anywhere else in the world in the mid-1990s, when the then dominant Islamist party came up with the brilliant idea of sending covered women into the universities that were commonly acknowledge as secularism's most sacred space.

Many of their secularist classmates were so upset by the very sight of them that they'd spit in their faces. This is not hearsay, as I saw it with my own eyes. But the divide was not as clear cut as that might suggest. There were many women academics who understood the political gamesmanship involved, but who thought that covered students had the right to an education just as they had the right to decide on what they wore and that, armed with an education, they would, with time, effect change from within. Of course, this presupposes a family that allows girls to make their own decisions (which is definitely not always the case) and even more important, a state that upholds those girls' right to do so.

There is a very real and understandable fear that an Islamist-dominated state would turn the country into "another Iran". But the Turkish state has since its inception been dominated by secularists - secularists who are inclined to believe that Turkey is not really mature enough to enjoy the human rights that those of us living in European democracies take for granted. So the Turkish state decided that it should be the one to decide what women did or did not wear on their heads. It banned the headscarf in universities and all state buildings.

The debate about the rights and wrongs of this measure still rages on. Some ask why it is Islamist women who have to bear the full brunt of this state-imposed sanction, and not Islamist men. Isn't that sexism in a pernicious new form? When one Islamist leader decided more or less overnight that the headscarf game had played itself out in terms of political advantage, he commended his female followers to abandon them. Some did; others took the rather feminist position that they should be the ones to decide when to take their headscarves off. A handful of disgruntled activists started a human rights organisation for covered women. Others took to conserving their modesty by wearing wigs.

In the mid-90s, the approved uniform for Islamist women was not something anyone could have enjoyed wearing in the heat of summer. There was not just the Islamist headscarf (tightly tied under the chin, to distinguish it from the common-or-garden peasant headscarf) but the heavy, badly cut ankle-length trench coat. That there has been continuous negotiation "from within" is evident from the annual revisions to that outfit. Trench coats eventually gave way to waistcoats. Scarves became ever silkier and colourful, and this year skirts worn by girls from good Islamist families have gone right up to the knee. It is commonplace to think of Islamist parties as representing the marginalised, the hopeless, and the dispossessed, but the mainstay of today's ruling Islamist party is the emerging Anatolian bourgeoisie. They have money and (like the westernised urban bourgeoisie) they like to express their rising status with expensive clothes.

Expensive or no, their clothing remains politically symbolic. But what does it signify? Some (and I would include myself in this group) believe that Turkey is now confident enough after 84 years of secularism to allow for muted religious expression in the private sphere and that a democracy can and should support the right to such expression without blurring the line between Islam and the state. But (partly because Turkey is indeed so very secular in spirit) there are many who fear the AKP's ulterior motives. These include not just the westernised bourgeoisie but the Alevis.

The Alevis are a substantial minority (between 10% and 40%) who were persecuted by the Sunni Ottomans, and also by the Republic after Ataturk turned all Sunni clerics into civil servants but chose not to recognise the Alevis or even to count them. The Alevis believe in the equality of the sexes. Alevi women in particular fear what might happen to them should the Sunni AKP gain too much power. The hundreds of thousands of secularists who have been marching in recent weeks to protest encroaching Islamism are predominantly women and most of these women come from secular middle-class families or Alevi families or both.

What has fanned their fears? The media. In particular, those sectors of the print media that are closely allied to the party that stands to gain most by fanning that fear. This is the CHP, the Republican People's Party, founded by Ataturk, and traditionally the home of westernising, Europe-facing secularism. But ever since the Islamist AKP decided to embrace the European project, it has turned virulently nationalist, even ultranationalist. By which I mean not just anti-Europe, but pro-army, perhaps even pro-military coup. Freedom of expression is not high on this party's list. Neither is democracy. I don't want him to sue me, so I won't tell you everything I know about Baykal, the CHP's leader, though I would urge you not to buy a car from this man.

The sad fact - and it is a fact much discussed in the electronic network of Turkish feminist activists - is that neither the AKP nor the CHP have much to offer Turkey's emancipated women. But there are millions of them, and they have minds of their own. They even have an Emily's List. So we shall see.

Bikini skater going that extra mile for charity

THE lengths some people are willing to go to in the name of charity is truly remarkable; from swimming the Channel, climbing Everest, running a marathon dressed in a rhino suit or even roller-skating 14 miles in a bikini.

The latter is exactly what 29-year-old Newtownstewart woman Amanda McConomy is currently training to do in aid of the Ulster Cancer Foundation (UCF).

On Saturday July 28 Amanda will be embarking from her Grange Park home to skate a total of 14 miles along the back roads between Newtownstewart and Omagh before turning at the Sperrin restaurant and heading home down the main road.

"Running was destroying the bones in my hips so I had to stop it and soon fell in love with skating, after only three weeks I noticed I had lost inches around my legs," said Amanda. "Every chance I get I am out on the skates."

It was while skating about one day and Amanda was inspired to use her new fitness hobby as a means to raise money for the UCF.

Amanda explained why she chose the cancer charity: "It is a disease that affects so many people. I am a diabetic myself but I am able to control it; I am never going to be placed in a situation when I am suddenly told that I have only a few months to live."

Amanda has been practising the route over the past few weeks, getting ready for the big day when the tracksuit comes off and the bikini comes out of the cupboard.

According to Amanda there is a great buzz around Newtownstewart, although some locals think she is "not wise" for attempting this unique charity appeal.

She said, "Everybody in the town knows me and think I'm mad for doing this in a bikini. But I don't care about the embarrassment to me, I am thinking about the money this will raise for the people suffering from cancer.

"If people want to see me in a bikini out on the roads they will have to sponsor me."

Call me Bikini Babe if you like

Bipasha was at Cannes on Saturday. "But it was like not being there! I wasn't at Cannes film festival for even a full day. This was my first trip to Cannes and I'd have liked to see and experience more. I landed with John in the morning and was out by evening.

All I had time was the press events for our film Goal. That's it. No sightseeing, no shopping. I'm a major shopaholic, though I like to buy stuff for others and not just for myself. And of course I'd have liked to swim and relax."

The actress has just been labeled the hottest bikini babe in Bollywood.

"Have I?" she laughs. "I don't mind being called a bikini babe. I guess I looked right in a bikini in Dhoom 2. I know and so do my fans that I can pull off anything, from a suit-clad Corporate to a bikini in Dhoom 2. Looking hot is a good thing, I guess."

Bipasha is pretty miffed by her 'flying visit' to the French resort.

"The worst blow was I missed meeting Jude Law. John met him at a party hosted by Nike for another football film at the festival. I couldn't attend. Damn!"

Back home she has another Hollywood icon singling her out for praise on Koffee With Karan.

Richard Gere has described her on the talk- show as bright hot and desirable.

Bipasha laughs pleasurably. "I'm not just flattered. I'm flattened! If someone as sinfully goodlooking and amazingly cute as Richard Gere thinks that way about me., I don't mind missing Jude Law. Strangely I haven't met Richard Gere that much.

Though I've made it clear to Parmeshwar Godrej that I'm constantly available for any AIDS-related work on the field, I generally shy away from the charity dinners that Richard generally attends. Such dos are a don't for me. I'm not a social butterfly at all."

But she did resent not getting more time at Cannes. "The ambience is very likeable not just for movie buffs but anyone who wants to shop or simply stroll by the riverside. I got to do none of that.

In fact I was supposed to start shooting for Abbas-Mustan's Race early morning after landing late the previous evening. Fortunately for me they were gracious enough to postpone the morning shift by a few hours.

Thank God for such considerate souls. I don't know what I'd have done otherwise," sighs the busy actress who has had to cancel her holiday to Goa because of her schedules.

"Goa will just have to wait until I've a little breathing space. Right now with so much traveling I don't know whether I'm coming or going. I've another Goal to achieve at the moment," she puns about her next release where she plays a Pakistani medico.

"What preparations did I make to play a Pakistani girl? Nothing! Aren't working -women all over the world the same in dress, attitude and gender relations? I kept my makeup to the minimum, just dabbed some kajal in my eyes and picked up my medi-bag to take care of the injured souls on the field."

If she had one wish right now what would she like? "I wish I was one of the footballers in Goal instead of sitting on the bench. And if you give me one more wish, I wish I had met Jude Law at Cannes."

Malignant Mole Bikini

Anymore you can’t even mention tanning without someone jumping down your throat and preaching about all the hazards of the sun. I think secretly the whole thing was cooked up by geeks who hate to go outside (it’s a conspiracy). Well this Malignant Mole Bikini is just another way to take a stand about the issue.

I’m pretty sure this is the creepiest bikini I have ever seen, but it does make a valid point about sun damage. It was created by Fiona Carswell and it only reacts when exposed to UV light. Which means as long as you wear it inside, no funky brown moles for you.

Unfortunately it’s not quite high tech enough to know that you put on sun block. Even if you are smart about being in the sun, it makes you feel a bit guilty anyway. I just hope she doesn’t create a herpes condom or crabs underwear, I’m pretty sure that is the only thing that could possibly rival this bikini.

Bikini scandal nets Keira Knightley $7000

Actress Keira Knightley has won more than seven thousand dollars in damages over a British newspaper article claiming she was excessively thin.

The 'Daily Mail' ran a story with a picture of Keira in a bikini, with the headline: 'If Pictures Like This One Carried a Health Warning, My Darling Daughter Might Have Lived'.

Keira had argued that this could be interpreted as meaning she bore some responsibility for the tragic death of a 19 year old girl with anorexia.

Keira said she was embarrassed by the 'deeply offensive' suggestions, and argued to the court that she needs to weight train for action films, and she is an acceptable weight for her age, gender and height.

Kelly Brook in a Bikini

Curvy KELLY BROOK shore makes a splash at a sizzling shoot in Miami. The Kent cutie posed in a selection of bikinis.

‘My bikinis are the USP of my film’

Celina Jaitley in a sizzling hot interview, as she talks about the steamy kisses and her steamier bikinis in ‘Jawani Diwani’

You have worn a bikini in your debut film, ‘Janasheen’. How is it different now?
I feel me wearing a bikini in ‘Jawani Diwani’ has more to do with the theme of the film, than my debut film. I play this Christian girl who is always close to the beach.

We have worked a lot on the designs of the bikini and have kind of revolutionised bikini wearing in Bollywood. We have worked out certain colours like magenta, green, black and red which were never used on screen before for a bikini. We have also designed certain double layered bikinis. I can say my bikinis are the USP of the film.

You are not very modest, are you?
I have realised that being modest never helps. So I have to talk about it.

What about the steamy kisses in the film?
The film talks about the sexual chemistry between a man and a woman. So there are bound to be plenty of steamy scenes. I still remember for my first shot, I drank 25 glasses of water because I was really nervous. I watched at least six Hollywood films to know how to get my moves right. But in the end, they have come out really well. I didn’t want to look vulgar and they haven’t.

Are the kisses deeper than a normal Bollywood kiss?
Oh, much deeper than that (laughs coyly).

Tanissha invited a lot of wrath for her clothes in ‘Neal and Nikki’. Do you expect that kind of a reaction?

We are an evolving society. I am so glad that kisses are allowed on screen because that is a brilliant thing to do. Whenever there is attraction between a man and a woman, the best way to display it is through a kiss. It is happening all around us. We cannot deny it. There is going to be a lot of shock value. But I don’t really care. I am doing my job perfectly well.

Bikini Babes of Bollywood

It is hard to say exactly when heroines started appearing in bikini in Bollywood, and who was the first gal to strike a pose wearing skimpy clothes. In the 70’s actress Sharmila Tagore appeared in a bikini (which made her into an overnight sex symbol) followed by Dimple Kapadia, who was called as the bikini idol by the media at that time. Since then almost all Bollywood leading ladies have been seen in bikini or swimsuit for once or more. And though many starlet have tried taking the bikini route to fame, only a select few have made an impression. Here they are:

Riya Sen

Riya Sen, daughter of actress Moon Moon Sen, one of the hottest ladies of the 70’s and famous for bikini shots, followed her mummy’s footsteps and sometimes even crossed her. As a model, Riya has her own identity. In films, she is still at struggling stage.

Celina Jaitley

“Indian audiences are not matured enough,�? complained Celina. Here people focus more on heroines’ revealing shots. Acting skills are always secondary to judge one’s class and how good she is. Knowing acting is not one her strengths, it’s no surprise she poses in bikini without any inhibition

Lara Dutta

Wearing bikini is no more taboo in Bollywood showbiz. Beauty queen Lara Dutta has no problem capitalizing on bikini shots to find her foothold in the Hindi film industry.

Mallika Sherawat

Whatever she does, it makes you sit erect. Whatever she wears, it titillates you. Her intention is clear to make your attention pin-pointed on her sensual parts. She is sultry Mallika Sherawat, who always says it script demands.

Neha Dhupia

Here is Neha Dhupia, one of the current hotties of Bollywood, letting the waterfalls to hit her bare-dare bod with seductive glow in her face.

Koena Mitra

She is Bengali bombshell Koena Mitra. Koena started her career with modelling, debuted in films as the item girl in Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Road’, and has now said ‘no’ to any more item number. In fact she has a problem with the term itself. But thankfully, Koena didn’t stop posing in bikini, public demand counts after all!

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