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Bathing suit guide for all body types

Every girl wants to look amazing when the summer season hits. Not only are super short shorts a must and micro-minis the craze, but girls have to squeeze themselves into those itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bikinis. According to many fashion gurus around the world, picking out a bathing suit should be determined by a girl’s body type. So here is a guide for the most common figures girls possess.

If you have a boyish figure lacking a lot of curves, wear a one piece suit that has cut-outs on the side. These cut-outs can give the illusion of an hour-glass figure. Avoid boy-shorts as bottoms and choose a suit where the cut is high on the leg. This will give your legs and hips a more curvy look as well.

A girl that is pear shaped should draw attention away from her bottom half. Do this by wearing a bikini with a bold, flashy top and simple bottoms. Wear a solid color bottom with a patterned top that has a plunging V-neck, which will help balance out your body.

Busty ladies need a lot of support, so choose a bathing suit with a halter top. Most of these suits tie together, which will allow you to determine how much or little support you need. If you want to draw some attention away from your top, wear flashy bottoms that will catch the eye.

If your stomach isn’t as flat as you had hoped it would be, go for a suit that can camouflage your belly. One piece bathing suits in dark colors are the best for this. Many suits now have a built-in stomach control that will tighten up your waistline. Also, angled patterns can give the illusion of a narrower waist.

For those girls with long torsos, try tankinis. These are great alternatives to one piece bathing suits, and the longer top will disguise your elongated upper body.

Now that you know what bathing suit will make your body look its best, you should have nothing to fear about strutting your stuff at the beach or local pool. So go out there and make some waves while looking fabulous.

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